Assistant General Manager Report – February 2014

By Jim Wellman

General Centers Projects and Information

  • Card Access equipment is currently on order for all club room doors and the East entrance door for Fairway Center. Once the equipment arrives I will schedule meetings with the dedicated clubs at Fairway to discuss the new systems and their room access needs and concerns. The East entry door will also be addressed at that time and cardholders wishing to use that entrance will be notified about how to obtain their access clearance. Contractor is Multi Card. (Phase 1 Cost – $ 52,000)

Mt. View Center

  • Grading of the new (7) court pickleball site is completed and trenching is underway to install underground plumbing, electrical and drainage lines. The fence posts within the courts are being installed and light pole bases are being poured. Forming of the courts will occur in the next couple of weeks. All seven courts will be constructed using post tension concrete. Please note that after the post tensioned concrete is poured, there is a 28 day waiting period for the concrete to cure before the final colored top coatings can be applied. The two tennis courts at Mt. View will remain open for tennis play, and pickleball players are asked to use the Marinette Center courts during construction. Contractor is Sunland Sports and CCBG Architectural. (Cost – $243,681)                                 

Oakmont Center

  • The Oakmont pool, spa and equipment room project began January 27, 2014 and is progressing nicely with demolition work and new pool plumbing work completed. The rough-in underground plumbing and drainage piping for the equipment building is now completed.  During this work it was discovered that the North canopy wall of the pool area has internal damage and some construction concerns. In addition, the fire system piping which runs through this area is a concern to the fire department and the work required to replace the (8) supporting posts and footings is extensive. Due to these conditions the RCSC has decided to remove this North canopy wall and install a block and steel wall in its place.
  • Lastly, on Thursday February 13, 2014, I attended a Maricopa County Environmental Services variance hearing in order to obtain permission to install exercise rails inside the pool. While I was unable to convince the committee to  approve the railing inside the one swim lane I did get approval for all rails inside the general use area of the new pool. Contractors to date include CCBG Architectural, K.L. McIntyre Construction and Aquatic Builders. (Cost – $529,416)

Lakeview Center

  • Construction of the upper and lower ramps for the east (red) entrance at Lakeview Center continues. Presently the footings and walls for the lower ramp and walkway to the lift are completed. Work is now focused on getting the actual ramps prepared for concrete. The new ramps will have a much more gradual slope, making it easier for cardholders and guests to access the facility. Contractor is Ken McIntyre Construction.                             (Cost – $120,975)    

Quail Run Golf Course

  • Replacement of the leach field for the Quail Run golf course septic system is underway. The repairs to this system will not affect play on the course. Contractor is A-American. (Approximate Cost – $6,000)

Bell Center

  • Planning and architectural work is now completed for the Bell Tennis project. Architectural drawings will be submitted to Maricopa County Planning and Development in about 2 weeks. The Bell tennis project includes demolition of the current (8) tennis courts and pushing out some of the existing block walls in preparation for (10) new tennis courts. The new complex will also include a shaded gathering area, courtside canopies with benches, water and electric to each court, tables and benches for spectators and planters in the common areas. Contractor to date is Lloyd Sports Engineering.
  • The replacement of (7) monument signs and installation of (2) additional monument signs is underway. The signs are positioned around the center in front of each activity area. Each sign has a rock base and attractive lighted display. Contractor is Tag Team Signs.      (Cost – $39,710)

Marinette Center

  • The Marinette expansion project plans have been returned to the RCSC from Maricopa County Planning and Development with their required changes and corrections. The RCSC has made the necessary County corrections and has added a few additional changes to the drawings. Re-submittal of the plans to Maricopa County Planning and Development will occur the week of March 3, 2014. Contractor to date is CCBG Architectural.

Skilled Trades Department

  • The RCSC Skilled Trades department completed 140 work orders during the last half of January 2014 and the first half of February 2014. This total does not include other routine and specialized work completed outside of the work order system.