Assistant General Manager Report – April 2014

by Jim Wellman

General Centers Projects and Information

  • The card access equipment and software for the Fairway card access system is installed and tested. RCSC employees have received software training. Distribution of access devices to dedicated clubs and migration from keys to the new system will occur the week of 4/28/14. After the dedicated clubs are put onto the new system, the RCSC will set up a table at Fairway for the distribution of access devices to those cardholders wishing to use the East Fairway entrance. The dates and times for this distribution will be announced the week of 4/28/14. Contractor is Multi Card Company. (Phase 1 Cost – $52,000)

Mt. View Center

  • The (7) new Pickleball courts at Mt View are nearing completion. The current plan is to open the new courts for cardholder play in early May 2014. Contractors are Sunland Sports and CCBG Architectural. (Cost – $288,580)

Oakmont Center

  •  The re-routed fire line feeding the clubs buildings and the pool shower room is completed, tested and back on line effective 4/16/14. During the removal of the south and west block walls it was discovered that Cox Communications had a “Trunk” cable crossing this wall area and under the old wall footing. Cox will be digging up their cables on 4/22/14 so the footings for the new block walls can commence that same day. This problem pushed out the digging of the spa until 4/25/14. In addition, a required inspection for the first 4’ lift on the block building wall was called into Maricopa County on 4/15/14 and due to County staff shortages, the inspection could not occur until 4/21/14. Contractors to date include CCBG Architectural, K.L. McIntyre Construction and Aquatic Builders. (Cost – $620,855)

Lakeview Center

  • Irrigation replacement on the Lakeview Hillside Park (Mountain) commenced 4/17/14. The park is now closed to cardholders and guests (including fishing) for about 6 weeks. The irrigation improvements will ensure that water reaches all plants and trees in the park thus making this setting more beautiful than it already is. Contractors are AAA Landscaping and Marvin Mills Irrigation. (Cost – $100,000)
  • Bids are currently being received for the replacement of the Lakeview waterfall lights. Once bids are obtained, cardholders will be notified as to the day the waterfall will be shut down for this work.

Riverview Pro Shop

  • The new standing seam metal roof on the Riverview cart barn is now completed. The new roof matches the one put on the pro shop last year. Contractor was Starkweather Roofing. (Cost – $12,198)

Bell Center

  • Bell Tennis building plans have been submitted to Maricopa County Building and Planning Department for permit. Construction bid packets have been sent out to contractors and proposals are expected back very soon. Once received, the project will be submitted to the RCSC bid commission for final approval. The project includes demolition of the current 8 tennis courts and pushing out some of the existing block walls in preparation for 10 new tennis courts. The new updated complex will also include a shaded gathering area, courtside canopies with benches, water and electric to each court, tables and benches for spectators and planters in the common areas. Contractor to date is Lloyd Sports Engineering.
  • The single pane glass wall on the east side of the Bell Table Tennis room is being replaced with shaded dual glazed energy efficient glass upper panels and solid thermal lower panels. The new glass wall will greatly improve the ability to cool this space in the summer. The Table Tennis area will be closed to cardholders and guests on 4/28/14 and remain closed for approximately 7-10 days. Contractor is Precision Glass. (Cost – $16,900)
  • Plans are being finalized to scarify and replace the entire cool decking at the Bell pools. In addition, both pools will be acid washed, the interior damage in the walking pool repaired, new rope anchors installed in the lap pool and all water line tile deep scrubbed and re caulked. Contractors are Spartan Concrete and Aquatic Builders. (Estimated Cost – $92,000)
  • One of the compressors failed and had to be replaced in a 20-ton mechanical (HVAC) unit at the Bell Library. Contractor was Custom Cooling. (Cost – $5,800)
  • Two new shade sails were installed on April 13 at the Bell Lawn Bowl facility. The labor and materials cost for these shade sails was generously donated to the RCSC. Contractor was Sun City Awning. (Cost – $9,057)
  • The Bell Lawn Bowling greens were re-opened to cardholders on Monday, April 14, 2014. The new greens were constructed using Tiff Dwarf Bermuda grass and are expected to offer many years of lawn bowling enjoyment to Cardholders and their guests.

Marinette Center

  • The Marinette expansion project plans have been returned to Maricopa County Planning and Development Department with the required changes and corrections and the RCSC is waiting for approval and our permit. Contractor proposals have been received and the project will be forwarded to the RCSC bid commission for final approval. Contractor to date is CCBG Architectural.

Sun Bowl Ballfield

  • A new roof will be installed on the Ballfield restroom building. The new roof is needed due to water infiltration and poor venting. Contractor is Starkweather Roofing. (Cost – $3,458)

Skilled Trades Department

  • The RCSC Skilled Trades Department completed 108 work orders during the last half of March 2014 and the 1st half of April 2014. They were also instrumental in helping the RCSC grounds team in setting up the Bell Lawn Bowl facility prior to its re-opening on April 14. I am currently searching for a new Project Manager since Bob Teske resigned his position effective April 14.

Grounds Department

  • The RCSC Grounds team has been working very hard this month keeping all Sun City properties looking great. They were instrumental in setting up the Bell Lawn Bowling facility in preparation for its re-opening. Since the Bermuda grass has come out of dormancy on all lawn bowling greens, the grounds department will be very busy with aerifying, verticutting, fertilizing, rolling and mowing these activity areas. The grounds team will be performing their monthly maintenance work at Duffeeland Dog Park on April 30, including the application of Biozyme Enzyme urine eliminator, a non-toxic 100% pet friendly and environmentally safe product. Lastly, the grounds department will plant some trees and shrubs on the Lakeview Hillside Park once the irrigation project is completed.