Assistant General Manager Report – May 2014

by Jim Wellman

General Centers Projects and Information

• The Building and Infrastructure department had some restructuring take place in May 2014. Barry Masloff, former Area Supervisor was promoted to the newly created position of Centers Operations Manager. Barry will continue to report to Jim Wellman, the Assistant General Manager. Since the Assistant General Manager has many years of project management experience he will now assume the former Project Manager’s responsibilities and oversight of the RCSC Skilled Trades team.

• Phase 1 of the card access system has been installed and now is in use at Fairway. All clubs have been issued their access devices and cardholders who wanted an access device for the East door have been issued one from a table set up at Fairway on May 22, 2014. Contractor was Multi Card Company. (Phase 1 Cost – $52,000)

• All RCSC Cardholders are invited to attend one of two town hall meetings scheduled for Tuesday, June 3, 2014. Both meetings will be held in the Lakeview Social Halls at 2:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. The RCSC encourages all Cardholders to attend this event as we are certain you will thoroughly enjoy listening to Eric Swanson’s five year plan for Viewpoint Lake Management and Fish Habitat presentation.

Mt. View Center

• The (7) new Pickleball courts at Mt View are now completed. Contractors were Sunland Sports and CCBG Architectural. (Cost – $288,580)

Oakmont Center

• The Oakmont pool/spa and equipment building project is in full swing now that all the underground and structural issues have been resolved. The spa is dug, structural rebar and plumbing installed and shotcrete work completed. The roof of the equipment building is completed and fascia boards around the back of the buildings replaced. The first half of the decking has been poured so the pool interior work can begin. Block walls surrounding the pool are completed except for a 10’ opening used for concrete deliveries. Buildings facing the pool and spa have been prepared for stucco and the door and windows for the new Facility Attendant station are installed. Equipment including, heaters, pumps, filters, ultra violet light, solar and salt systems have been placed in the new equipment building and are currently being connected. Plans are underway to energize the new electrical service panel for the pool equipment room this week. This project is expected to be completed in June 2014. Contractors to date include CCBG Architectural, K.L. McIntyre Construction and Aquatic Builders. (Cost – $620,855)

Lakeview Center

• Irrigation replacement on the Lakeview Hillside Park (Mountain) is now completed and the park was re-opened on Saturday May 24, 2014. Contractors were AAA Landscaping and Marvin Mills Irrigation. (Cost – $100,000)

• New LED low voltage lighting has been ordered for installation on the Lakeview waterfall. Once all the equipment is obtained cardholders will be notified as to the day the waterfall will be shut down for this work. Contractor is Accel Electric. (Cost – $11,256)

Bell Center

• Bell Tennis building plans have been submitted to Maricopa County Building and Planning Department for permit and the 1st round of corrections have been received by the RCSC. Since the requested corrections have to do with court light pole heights, and set back requirements for this facility, Lloyd Sports Engineering has requested a variance meeting with County officials to resolve these issues. The bid packet has been approved by the RCSC bid commission and Sunland Sports was awarded this project. The project includes demolition of the current (8) tennis courts and pushing out some of the existing block walls in preparation for (10) new tennis courts. The new updated complex will also include a shaded gathering area, courtside canopies with benches, water and electric to each court, tables and benches for spectators and planters in the common areas. Contractors to date include Lloyd Sports Engineering as architect and project manager and Sunland Sports as building contractor. (Cost – $1,778,074)

• The single pane glass wall on the East side of the Bell Table Tennis room has been replaced with shaded dual glazed energy efficient glass upper panels and solid thermal lower panels. The new glass wall now provides a much better environment for cardholders to play table tennis. Contractor was Precision Glass (Cost – $16,900)

• The Bell Pools, Spa and outdoor shower rooms were closed on May 5, 2014 to resurface all the cool decking at this facility. Plans also include acid washing of both pools and the outdoor spa, interior damage in the walking pool repaired, installing new rope anchors and all water line tile bead blasted and re-caulked. Once this facility closed it was also discovered that the shower pans installed in the men’s and women’s showers were leaking into the surrounding walls. The lower tile in each shower was removed, walls were repaired, new shower floor pans installed, a trough drain added and the wall/floor tile replaced. The project is currently ahead of schedule and is expected to reopen earlier than the previously published date of June 23, 2014. Contractors include Spartan Concrete, Aquatic Builders and Ken McIntyre Construction. (Estimated Cost – $92,000 plus shower room repair costs.)

Marinette Center

• Permits have been obtained for the Marinette expansion project from Maricopa County Planning and Development Department. General Contractor selected for this project is Robert Porter Construction. Approval of the bid packet by the RCSC bid commission is in process. The start date for this project is being adjusted to coincide with the completion of the Oakmont pool project. Contractors to date are CCBG Architectural.

Sun Bowl Ballfield
• A new roof was installed on the Ballfield restroom building. The new roof was needed due to water infiltration and poor venting. Contractor was Starkweather Roofing. (Cost – $3,458)

Skilled Trades Department

• The RCSC Skilled Trades department completed 161 work orders during the last half of April 2014 and the 1st half of May 2014.

Grounds Department

• The RCSC Grounds team continued with their routine maintenance work at all Centers, the Sun Bowl/Ballfield and the (7) lawn bowling greens. In addition, they planted several more trees and shrubs on the Lakeview Hillside Park prior to its re-opening on Saturday May 24, 2014.