Assistant General Manager Report – June 2014

by Jim Wellman

General Centers Projects and Information

  • Plans are underway to design and install (12) electronic signs at RCSC Centers and the Sun Bowl Amphitheatre with the exception of Sundial which already has electronic signs. (Some locations will have two signs installed while others like Oakmont and the Sun Bowl will receive only one.) Most of the signs will be constructed using a high profile style to improve visibility.   In addition, there will be one non-electronic sign placed at Bell Center, along the North end of 99th Ave, to advertise the library, restaurant, visitor’s center and Bell Lanes. Sign construction and installation for each location will commence as the set back variances and permits are approved by Maricopa County Planning and Development Department. The total project is expected to be completed in early 2015. Contractor is Bootz and Duke Signs. (PIF Cost – $782,103)

Mt. View Center

  • The foam roof over the Mt View auditorium was repaired, sealed and re-coated. Contractor was Starkweather Roofing. (Cost – $54,553)

Oakmont Center / North Pro Shop

  • The Oakmont pool/spa, equipment building and Facility Attendant Station project is in its final stages of construction. If all goes well the new pool and spa are expected to open in early July 2014 rather than late June, as previously reported, due to delays in applying the acrylic deck surface. Remaining work includes the interior Pebble Sheen finish inside the pool and spa, installation of all stainless steel railings and stabilizing the water chemistry prior to final inspections by the health department. Contractors to date include: CCBG Architectural, K.L. McIntyre Construction and Aquatic Builders. (PIF Cost – $777,069)
  • Permits have been secured and a construction contractor will be hired soon to demolish the North Golf patio cover and construct a larger patio cover. The new patio cover will provide shade for more golfers to enjoy time together.  Contractor selection and PIF cost for this project will be included in my next report.

Quail Run Maintenance

  • The Quail Run maintenance yard is currently being re-paved and cement pads installed for bulk sand and materials storage.  Contractor is Regional Paving. (Cost – $34,135)

Lakeview Center

  • Installation of new LED low voltage lighting on the Lakeview Waterfall is now completed. Contractor was Accel Electric. (Cost – $11,256)
  • The foam roof over Georges Café and the South bowling entrance was repaired, sealed and re-coated. Contractor was Starkweather Roofing. (Cost – $47,555)  

Sundial Center/Riverview Pro Shop/Lakes Maintenance

  • The (2) layers of roofing over the Sundial auditorium and vestibule were removed and a new built up and coated roof was installed. Contractor was Progressive Roofing. (Cost – $234,775)
  • The Riverview pro shop was re-carpeted with 100% nylon carpet squares. Contractor was Resource Carpet of Arizona and RCSC staff. (Cost – $7,690)
  • Asphalt at the Lakes Maintenance facility was seal coated. Contractor was Pinnacle Paving. (Cost – $5,868)

Bell Center

  • A pre-application meeting was required by Maricopa County zoning department to discuss options regarding light pole heights and set back requirements along Boswell Blvd. The meeting was not very productive from an RCSC perspective however Lloyd Engineering and myself determined a way of moving the courts about 9’ to the North thereby eliminating the zoning departments code concerns. The RCSC Board of Directors approved our idea and on June 23, 2014 the revised plans were re-submitted to Maricopa County Planning and Development. We are hopeful that the permit for this project will be awarded without more required plan corrections from other sections of the building department.  The project includes demolition of the current (8) tennis courts and the installation of (10) new tennis courts. The new updated complex will also include a shaded gathering area, courtside canopies with benches, water and electric to each court, tables and benches for spectators and planters in the common areas. Contractors to date include Lloyd Sports Engineering as architect and project manager and Sunland Sports as building contractor. (PIF Cost – $1,778,074)
  • The Bell Pools, Spa and outdoor shower rooms that were closed on May 5, 2014 to resurface the cool decking, make repairs to the pools and spas and repair the shower areas in the outside locker/shower rooms was re-opened on Friday June 20, 2014. Contractors include Spartan Concrete, Aquatic Builders, Ken McIntyre Construction, Utility staff at Bell Center and the RCSC Grounds Crew. (Estimated Cost – $85,000 plus shower room repair costs of approximately $45,000)
  • The foam roof over the Bell Library was repaired, sealed and re-coated. Contractor was Starkweather Roofing. (Cost – $50,749)
  • The Bell aerobics room received a new cushioned engineered floating hardwood floor which makes this floor much more Sun City friendly for those who use this room for aerobic exercise. Contractor was Puckett’s Flooring. (Cost – $17,727)
  • The two 100 gallon domestic hot water heaters providing hot water for the showers inside the fitness building are being replaced with (5) new Ranai tank less water heaters. This tank less technology is working out very well on the outside pool shower rooms at Bell so the same equipment is being used again to replace these two worn out water heaters.   Contractor is Sunland Plumbing. (Cost – $22,280)
  • Carpet was replaced in the space occupied by the Sun City Visitors center. Contractor was Resource Carpet of Arizona and the Bell Utility Worker staff. (Cost – $4,808)

Marinette Center

  • The Marinette Center expansion and renovation project is underway with the June 23rd closures of mini golf, horseshoes and Pickleball. Demolition of these areas will commence immediately after the closures occur. After the closure of the pool, fitness center and spa building on June 30, 2014 these areas will also be demolished. The Marinette Center expansion and renovation project includes a 4,000 s.f. fitness center, rubberized walking track, a total of 20 Pickleball courts, an outdoor spa, thermal solar systems for pool water and shower water pre-heating, new doors, new windows and exterior stucco of all remaining buildings. Contractors to date include: CCBG Architectural and Robert Porter Construction.  (PIF Cost – $4,387,373)
  • The roof on the Marinette clubs building was repaired sealed and re-coated. Contractor was Starkweather roofing. (Cost – $28,277)

Skilled Trades Department

The RCSC Skilled Trades department completed 127 work orders during the last half of May 2014 and the 1st half of June 2014.

Grounds Department

  • The RCSC Grounds team continued with their routine maintenance work at all Centers, the Sun Bowl/Ballfield and the (7) lawn bowling greens. They also were instrumental in repairing the irrigation systems and planting shrubs in the Bell pool area prior to its reopening.