Assistant General Manager Report – July 2014

by Jim Wellman 

General Centers Projects and Information

•As part of the permit process for electronic signs, the RCSC is currently seeking to obtain set back variances so the signs can be set closer to the property line. The total project is expected to be completed in early 2015. Contractor is Bootz and Duke Signs. (PIF Cost – $782,103)

Mt. View Center

•The stage flooring in the Mt. View auditorium will receive termite and water damage repairs and will be sanded and refinished the week of August 18, 2014. Contractor is Enmar Flooring. (Cost – $10,000)

Oakmont Center/North Pro Shop

•The Oakmont pool/spa, equipment building and Facility Attendant Station project has been completed and reopened to cardholders on July 11, 2014. Contractors included: CCBG Architectural, K.L. McIntyre Construction and Aquatic Builders. (PIF Cost – $777,069)

•Permits have been approved by Maricopa County Planning and Development for the North Golf patio cover project. Demolition of the old patio cover is now completed and the block work is about 80% complete. The new larger patio cover will provide shade for more golfers to enjoy time together. Contractors are CCBG Architectural and Ken McIntyre Construction. (Cost – $167,505)

Quail Run Maintenance

•The repaving of the Quail Run maintenance yard is now completed along with the cement pads for bulk sand and materials storage. Contractor was Regional Paving. (Cost – $34,135)

Lakeview Center/Viewpoint Lake

•Planning and scheduling is underway for construction of the fish habitat for Viewpoint Lake this fall. If you have not signed up to help out with this very important project, please call the RCSC Administration office at (623) 561-4600 and put your name and contact information on the list. In addition, there have been delays in getting the threadfin shad (forage fish for bass, bluegill and catfish) due to a supplier inventory shortage. Once quantities are available, the shad will be delivered and introduced into Viewpoint Lake.

Sundial Center/Riverview Pro Shop/Lakes Maintenance

•The (2) layers of roofing over the Sundial auditorium and vestibule were removed and a new coated built-up roof was installed. Contractor was Progressive Roofing. (Cost – $234,775)

•Floors in the auditorium and East/West Halls were repaired, sanded and coated with polyurethane. Contractors were Enmar Flooring and Coit Cleaning Services. (Cost – $35,862)

•During the month of August 2014, new partitions will be installed between the auditorium and East/West Halls. Contractor is Hufcor Az, Inc. (Cost – $98,430)

Bell Center

•The RCSC has acquired the permit for the Bell tennis project and demolition is scheduled to begin August 4, 2014. The project includes demolition of the current (8) tennis courts and the installation of (10) new tennis courts. The new updated complex will also include a shaded gathering area, courtside canopies with benches, water and electric to each court, tables and benches for spectators and planters in the common areas. Contractors include Lloyd Sports Engineering as architect and project manager and Sunland Sports as building contractor. (PIF Cost – $1,778,074)

•The two 100 gallon domestic hot water heaters, providing hot water for the showers inside the fitness building, have been replaced with (5) new Rinnai tankless water heaters. This tankless technology is working out very well on the outside pool shower rooms at Bell so the same equipment was used again to replace the two inside shower room water heaters. Contractor was Sunland Plumbing. (Cost – $22,280)

•Lighting control cabinets and switches were installed at the Bell social halls to eliminate the use of circuit breakers to control the lighting and allow staff to lock the equipment rooms. Contractor was Supercharge Electric, Inc. (Cost – $22,590)

Marinette Center

•The Marinette Center expansion is progressing nicely with demolition, sewer main, fitness building footings and stem wall all completed. The Marinette Center expansion and renovation project includes a 4,000 s.f. fitness center, rubberized outdoor walking track, a total of 20 Pickleball courts, an outdoor spa, thermal solar systems for pool water and shower water pre-heating, new doors, new windows and exterior stucco of all remaining buildings. Contractors to date include: CCBG Architectural, Robert Porter Construction and Aquatic Builders. (PIF Cost – $4,387,373)

•Bids are being received and preparations underway to remodel the Marinette Clay club including new sinks with clay traps, enlargement and re-organization of kiln room, electrical work, expansion into the former china paint room and some new shelving and cabinets.

Skilled Trades Department

•The RCSC Skilled Trades department completed 172 work orders during the last half of June 2014 and the 1st half of July 2014.

Grounds Department

•The RCSC Grounds Department, which includes the Lawn Bowling greens, has been reassigned to the RCSC golf division under the leadership of Golf Director, Brian Duthu. While I really enjoyed working with this team I know that Brian and his head superintendant David Dube will utilize their turf-specific training and expertise to further enhance the RCSC properties.