Assistant General Manager Report – September 2017

by Chris Herring

Building and Infrastructure:

Oakmont Center

  • A 16’ x 40’ cantilever shade structure has been submitted for permits. The new shade structure will be installed on the west end of the Oakmont pool deck. Contractor is USA Shade. (Cost – $24,172)

Fairway Center

  • Roof leaks found over the music room and band equipment storage room at Fairway Center have now been repaired. Contractor was Starkweather Roofing. (Cost – $12,286)

Lakeview Center/Viewpoint Lake

  • The cool decking replacement project will commence October 2, 2017 with completion anticipated in 8 weeks. Work will include demolition of the existing cool deck surface, saw cutting the deck and installing 3” deck drains and an electrical conduit, recapping all expansion joints, repairing the ladder handrail sleeves, sealing the deck concrete base with a two-part epoxy sealer, applying a new laced acrylic surface and installing low voltage landscape lighting in the planters. Contractor is Imagine Architectural Concrete. (Cost – $113,118)
  • The Viewpoint Lake waterfall pump has been repaired and the waterfall is flowing again. Contractor was Advanced Pump. (Cost – $19,422)

Sundial Center

  • The four auditorium restrooms off the lobby hallway are under renovation and nearing completion. The newly remodeled restrooms include a rebuild of the urinal and toilet rough in plumbing lines, LED lighting, quartz vanity tops, toilet and urinal partitions, toilets, urinals, lavatories and faucets, tile flooring and walls, and a complete painting. Contractor is Ken McIntyre Construction and Accel Electric. (Cost – $146,598)
  • The Sundial kitchen remodel is nearing completion with only some cabinetry work remaining. Contractors include the RCSC Skilled Trades cabinetmakers, Ken McIntyre Construction, CCBG Architectural, Olympic Fire Protection, Accel Electric, Sunland Plumbing, Lee’s Counter Tops, Resource Flooring, JRM Environmental and Spray Systems Environmental. (Cost – $66,575)
  • Two new pole shades will be installed on the east side of the mini golf course. Contractor is Shade and Net. (Cost – $6,776)

Bell Center

  • The café at Bell Lanes (Georges Café) remodel has been completed and opened for business on September 5, 2017. Contractors were Doege Development, Accel Electric and Adobe Fire. (Budgeted Cost – $162,589)
  • Pole lighting around the walking pool and swimming pool is now completed. This newly installed LED upgrade allows the lights to be adjusted for higher light levels for pool and deck cleaning and lower light levels for evening swim. Contractor was Accel Electric. (Cost – $10,132)
  • Pole lighting around the mini golf course is now completed. The new LED heads will provide better lighting and will significantly reduce future maintenance and lift rental costs. Contractor was Accel Electric. (Cost – $24,624)
  • Interior painting of the lobby, four shower rooms, cardio and free weights rooms and hallways commenced September 18, 2017. Painting of these areas has not been done since this facility was constructed in 2005. Contractor is Ghaster Painting. (Cost – $24,000)

Marinette Center

  • The Marinette outdoor walking track separation (bubbling) issues have been under review and replacement of the problematic areas of the track are expected soon.