Assistant General Manager Report – October 2017

by Chris Herring

Building and Infrastructure:

Oakmont Center

  • A 16’ x 40’ cantilever shade structure is being engineered and will be submitted for permit very soon. The permit submission was delayed due to building setback measurement verification. The new shade structure will be installed on the west end of the Oakmont pool deck. Contractor is USA Shade. (Cost – $24,172)
  • The clubroom for the Oakmont Weavers and Needle Arts/Crafts recently received a complete interior painting. Contractor was Exquisite Painting. (Cost – $4,250)

Sun Bowl Amphitheater

  • Two gently used evaporative coolers were installed on the Sun Bowl Amphitheatre roof to provide additional cooling for the two changing rooms. Contractors were Custom Cooling, Accel Electric, Ken McIntyre Construction and Sunland Plumbing. (Approximate Cost – $6,500)

Lakeview Center/Viewpoint Lake

  • The swimming pool cool decking replacement project commenced October 2, 2017 as planned. To date, demolition of the old deck surface and deck drains are completed, the entire surface has been epoxy coated and sanded, joint caps have been installed on all expansion joints, a new 3” deck drain surrounding the pool has been installed, 11 new pool ladder/handrail sleeves are installed, cutouts in the deck for depth markers are completed and low voltage conduit is now installed for landscape lighting. As of this report, the project is moving along very well. Contractor is Imagine Architectural Concrete. (Cost – $113,118)
  • Thirteen 48” x 90” window sun screens are being replaced on the west side of Lakeview Center. Contractor is Arizona Sun Screens. (Cost – $1,677)
  • All fourteen shade canopies surrounding the Lakeview pool will receive new Sunbrella fabric covers once the pool deck renovations are completed. Contractor is Arizona Sun Screens. (Cost – $15,988)
  • The primary sump pump which pumps water from the lower level at Lakeview Center to the sewer is being replaced. In the meantime, the center is operating on the back up sump pump. Contractor is Phoenix Pump. (Cost – $10,225)
  • To eliminate tripping hazards, 640 sf of concrete walkway was replaced on the northeast side of the Lakeview Hill. Contractor was Ken McIntyre Construction. (Cost – $6,444)
  • A medium sized lake wall crack was recently repaired by the RCSC Skilled Trades team. (Cost – $800)

Sundial Center

  • The four restrooms off the Auditorium lobby hallway were completed and re-opened for use on October 4, 2017. Contractor was Ken McIntyre Construction and Accel Electric. (Cost – $146,598)
  • The Sundial kitchen remodel is nearing completion with only some cabinetry and trim work remaining. The kitchen will be available for use while these last few items are completed. Contractors included the RCSC Skilled Trades cabinetmakers, Ken McIntyre Construction, CCBG Architectural, Olympic Fire Protection, Accel Electric, Sunland Plumbing, Lee’s Counter Tops, Resource Flooring, JRM Environmental and Spray Systems Environmental. (Cost – $66,575)
  • Two new permanent shade umbrella structures have been installed on the east side of the mini golf course. Contractor was Shade and Net. (Cost – $6,776)

Bell Center

  • The retractable shade canopies at Bell Lawn Bowl are now completed and in-use by the lawn bowlers and their invited guests. The new retractable (motorized) canopies will provide shade during lawn bowling events and be retracted when the north green is not being used so the grass can receive the sunlight needed for healthy growth. Labor and material costs for this project have been paid by a generous RCSC Cardholder.
  • Interior painting of the fitness lobby, four shower rooms, cardio and free weights rooms, aerobics room and hallways commenced September 18, 2017 and was completed on October 2, 2017. Contractor was Ghaster Painting. (Cost – $24,000)
  • The Bell Lapidary clubroom recently received a complete interior painting and new rubber baseboards. Contractor was Exquisite Painting. (Cost – $7,900)

Marinette Center

  • Repairs of the Marinette outdoor walking track are now underway and expected to be completed in October. Once repairs are completed the track will be re-opened to Cardholders.