Assistant General Manager Report – December 2017

by Chris Herring

Building and Infrastructure:

Oakmont Center

  • The 16’ x 32’ cantilever shade structure has been delayed due to designed size and building setback requirements. This structure is pending size redesign and variance approval from by Maricopa County Planning and Development and Maricopa County Environmental Services Department. Contractor is USA Shade. (Cost – $24,172)

Sun Bowl Amphitheater

  • At the time of this report, Renco roofing is completing the foam patching and overall elastomeric application to the roof. This is the last item to be completed pertaining to the evaporative cooler installation project that involved contractors Custom Cooling, Accel Electric, Ken McIntyre Construction and Sunland Plumbing. (Roof Repair Cost – $2,076)

Lakeview Center/Lakeview Lanes

  • Renovation of the men’s and women’s restrooms on the east end of Lakeview Lanes is underway and approximately 50% complete. The remodel includes new sheetrock, lighting, plumbing fixtures, doors, tile, toilet partitions, toilets, lavatories, mirrors and counter tops. Contractors are Doege Development and Supercharge Electric. (Cost – $94,369)
  • The Blue entrance railings at Lakeview Center will be repaired and repainted. The project will begin on December 26, 2017 and will require the closure of the Blue entrance for approximately 4 days. Contractor is Ken McIntyre Construction. (Cost – $3,495)

Viewpoint Lake

  • On December 12, 2017, 50,000 goldfish were stocked into Viewpoint Lake. The goldfish help control midge fly larvae and are forage fish for bass in the lake. The stocking went smoothly with groups of goldfish now being visible around the lake.
  • On December 13, 2017, 800 pounds of trout (approximately 600 fish) were stocked into Viewpoint Lake. The stocking went smoothly with the trout taking to their new home and without the loss of any fish.

Sundial Center

  • Palo Verde Art Club cabinets and countertops are complete. This work was completed by the RCSC Skilled Trades Carpenters.

Bell Center

  • A new pair of storefront doors and a new automatic door opener were installed on December 18, 2017 on the south inside doors of Bell Lanes. Contractor was DH Pace Door Services. (Cost – $3,995)

Marinette Center

  • Final striping of the lane lines on the outdoor walking track at Marinette have been completed which finalizes the repairs to the walking track. As a reminder, the track repairs were done under warranty at no cost to RCSC.