Assistant General Manager Report – February 2018

by Chris Herring

Building and Infrastructure:

Oakmont Center

  • Fabrication and installation of the cantilever shade structure are awaiting Maricopa County permit approval. Contractor is USA Shade. (Cost – $24,172)

Lakeview Center/Lakeview Lanes

  • The renovation of the east restrooms at Lakeview Lanes has been completed and reopened on Saturday, February 17. The remodel included new sheetrock, lighting, plumbing fixtures, doors, tile, toilet partitions, toilets, lavatories, mirrors and counter tops. Contractors were Doege Development and Supercharge Electric. (Cost – $94,369)
  • Demolition of the interior of the old Skilled Trades building is complete. Sheetrock repair and paint prep are almost completed. Permits have been filed for the addition of the required exhaust fan for venting the space of fuel fumes. Still pending are painting, window A/C replacement and fencing. This space has been approved for use by the Vintage Vehicle Club. Contractors are Ken McIntyre Construction, American Fence, and RCSC Skilled Trades staff. (Cost – $24,475)
  • The changes to the Clubs and Events office to add another service desk for club support has been completed. This was completed by RCSC Skilled Trades staff. (Cost – $1,500)

South Golf Course

  • The site plan and construction detail drawings are in progress with a completion date anticipated by March 1, followed by permit submission. Construction bid specifications will be developed during the first permit review so this project is ready for bid requests after first review is complete. This project is still on target for a May start that will begin with the demolition of the current building. CCBG Architects will complete the design drawings and act as the Construction Management administrator.
  • Concrete repair to the entry drive of the South Golf Course Maintenance yard began February 21, 2018. This project will remove existing concrete and be replaced with a new 3,000-pound mix with reinforcement steel and pins connecting to the adjoining slabs. This access drive will be closed for approximately 10 days while the new slab cures. The contractor is DFG Construction. (Cost – $8,875)

Sundial Center

  • Work will begin this month on irrigation repairs that are causing leaks in the asphalt at Sundial Center. This repair will require approximately 400 linear feet of boring to install new irrigation pipes. The use of boring will reduce the impact to the asphalt surface and parking lot disruptions during the repairs. Contractor is Total Cable Contractors and RCSC Skilled Trades staff. (Cost – $9,000)