Assistant General Manager Report – March 2018

by Chris Herring

Building and Infrastructure:

Sun Bowl

Lighting modifications at the Sun Bowl began March 26, 2018. Lighting will be enhanced with LED floodlights at the rear of the Sun Bowl that will provide additional lighting into and behind the bowl area after shows. Additionally, LED light bollards will be added to the center walk to provide pathway lighting during the shows. This project is expected to be completed by mid-April. Contractor is Accel Electric. (Cost – $27,853)

Lakeview Center

Vintage Vehicle Club space – Permit approval from the Sun City Fire Department has been received for the installed ventilation fan. All work has been completed on this space except for rear fencing privacy slats. Review of the club operating and safety procedures is underway and will be completed by the end of March. A walk-through with club officers will be completed ahead of turning the space over to the Vintage Vehicle Club to occupy the space. Contractors are Ken McIntyre Construction, American Fence, and RCSC Skilled Trades staff. (Cost – $24,475)

South Golf Course

The site plan and floor plans for this project have been updated at the South Golf Course so cardholders can see the modifications that have been made. Plans are being updated to include the ventilation requirements that accommodate both gas and electric cart storage in the building. Permit submission and bid specification tasks are currently still on target.

Quail Run Golf Maintenance

Additional LED lighting poles will be added to the Quail Run Golf Maintenance yard to provide additional security lighting. The installation is scheduled for completion in early April. Contractor is Accel Electric. (Cost – $6,328)

Bell Center

Deflection screens will be installed on the walls of each tennis court at Bell Center. Deflection screens were present before the completion of the tennis court remodels in 2015. These deflection screens reduce tripping hazards by preventing balls from bouncing off the block walls and back towards the players. Contractor is Custom Courts and Tile. (Cost – $13,600)

Grand Ave Property

Building modifications, room layout and a site plan have been developed and will be presented to the Board for their approval. With the Board’s approval of the direction for this property, we will begin meeting with the identified clubs for more detailed space planning for the assigned rooms.