Assistant General Manager Report – April 2018

by Chris Herring

Building and Infrastructure:

Bell Center

  • Replacement of the damaged ceiling in the Bell Center indoor spa began on Monday, April 16. Work includes the removal of the existing ceiling, replacement of existing lighting with dimmable LED fixtures, replacement of the ceiling and painting of the ceiling and walls. Work is anticipated to be completed by May 30. Contractor is DFG Construction and Spray Systems. (Cost – $45,351)

Duffeeland Dog Park

  • Work began Monday, April 23 on the replacement of the existing dog wash pad to improve drainage and prevent water pooling on the walking path. Work is expected to be completed by Friday, April 27. Work is being completed by RCSC Skilled Trades Staff. (Cost – $1,500)

Grand Ave

  • Work continues with clubs on the club room space layouts for the property at Grand Ave.

Lakeview Center/Lakeview Lanes

  • Additional LED parking lot lighting has been added to the east side of the Lakeview Lanes building to provide additional lighting to dark areas in the east parking lot. Contractor was Accel Electric. (Cost – $6,574)

Mountain View Center

  • Wind screens around the Mountain View Recreation Center tennis courts have been replaced. Contractor was Custom Courts and Tile (Cost – $2,340)

Quail Run Golf Maintenance

  • Additional LED lighting poles planned for the Quail Run Golf Maintenance yard to provide additional security lighting has been completed. Contractor is Accel Electric (Cost – $6,328)

Riverview Golf Course

  • Nine ceiling fans on the Riverview patio have been replaced due to defects in the previous fans. Work was completed by RCSC Skilled Trades staff. (Cost – $2,555)

South Golf Course

  • Final review of the floor plan identified some spacing concerns for the simulator layout. The floor plan was modified to accommodate one simulator rather than two originally planned and improving the seating in this space. The space increases in the plan have been added to the kitchen width for additional work space, as well as a corresponding enlargement of the inside seating area. This change required modifications to the plans and has delayed permit submission by two weeks.
  • Charging stations for golf carts have been added to the South Maintenance yard for use during the construction of the pro shop. New electrical service was required for these stations. Contractor Accel Electric. (Cost – $9,230)

Sun Bowl

  • The lighting modifications to add rear and center aisle lighting at the Sun Bowl have been completed. Both changes have achieved the lighting enhancements expected at the Sun Bowl. Contractor was Accel Electric. (Cost – $27,853)