Assistant General Manager Report – May 2018

by Chris Herring

Building and Infrastructure:

Multiple Locations

  • Renovations of the restrooms at several centers are planned for 2018. These include: Lakeview Center 2nd Floor, Lakeview Center Fitness, Sundial Center Clubs and Bell Center Social Hall. We have begun work with an architect to develop the space planning and construction documents along with bid specifications. This work product will take approximately four weeks to complete and will be used for contractor bids for completion of these renovations.

Bell Center

  • Replacement of the damaged ceiling in the Bell Center indoor spa was completed on May 23, 2018. Work included the removal of the existing ceiling, replacement of existing lighting with dimmable LED fixtures, replacement of the ceiling and painting of the ceiling and walls. During the completion of this project we identified a problem with the floor drain in this room. The spa will remain closed until we have identified a resolution to this issue. Contractor is DFG Construction and Spray Systems. (Cost – $45,351)
  • Work in the Bell Metal Shop to add lighting to exterior grinding and sandblasting areas and upgrade the welding area exhaust fans are in progress. Work is being completed by Accel Electric, DFG Construction and RCSC Skilled Trades staff. (Cost – $12,000)
  • Work in the Artistic Stained Glass club to replace the flooring, paint the club room space and complete some woodworking tasks for tables and slot storage began the week of May 28. The club room space will be closed for approximately two months to complete this work. Contractors are Spray Systems, DFG Construction and Desert Coatings. (Cost – $24,640)

Fairway Center

  • Work is in progress to replace a failed lighting inverter component that provides the emergency lighting around the pool and spa areas at Fairway Center. Due to this failure, some lights around the pool and spa are not functioning. The replacement inverter required custom design and fabrication. When installed, the emergency lighting in these areas will be functional again. Work is being completed by RCSC Skilled Trades. (Cost – $6,800)

Grand Ave

  • Work on club room space allocation is nearing completion. Additional work to design the Garden Club greenhouse is still pending. Elevation design renderings are being worked on by the architect.

Lakeview Center

  • Wind screens around the Lakeview Center Outdoor Shuffle Board courts have been replaced. Contractor was Custom Courts and Tile (Cost – $1,140)

South Golf Course

  • Permit review and comments from Maricopa County have been received. Responses to the comments will be submitted by May 31, 2018 with final permit approval anticipated in 2-3 weeks. The project was published on Dodge Construction’s web site for review and bidding by interested general contractors. At the close of the bidding on May 24, no bids had been received. Based upon this, RCSC is working with the architect to identify general contractors for work on this project. Interviews are expected with contractors within the next week. This will delay the start of this project until a general contractor has been selected.

Sundial Center

  • Roofing repair at Sundial Center around the dehumidifier pool paks has been completed. Contractor was Renco Roofing. (Cost – $4,960)