Assistant General Manager Report – June 2018

by Chris Herring

Building and Infrastructure:

Multiple Locations

  • A total of 33 aged HVAC units have been identified for replacement across multiple RCSC buildings in 2018. These replacements will begin over the next week with six units being replaced at Bell, Oakmont and Lakeview Centers. All replacement units will have a minimum SEER rating of 14 that represents significantly greater energy efficiency than the units being replaced. Replacements of the remaining units identified for replacement will continue over approximately the next 8 weeks.

Bell Center

  • The Bell indoor spa continues to be closed for maintenance. The existing floor trench drain will be removed and a new “SlotDrain” product will be installed and tied into the existing sewer line along with the replacement of the flooring with a rubberized material. The “SlotDrain” product lead time and concrete curing time will require this amenity be closed until approximately the end of August. During this extended closure the pebble sheen interior surface of the spa will be replaced. Contractors are DFG Builders, Arizona Safety Surfacing and CDC Pools. (Cost – $57,000)
  • A pool chiller from Glacier Pool Coolers, Inc. was installed for the Bell lap pool. This cooling equipment will keep the pool temp 10-15 degrees cooler in the hot summer months. Contractors were Glacier Pool Coolers and Sunland Plumbing. (Cost – $12,980)

Grand Ave

  • Club room space allocation is complete. Upon approval from the Board, the space plans will be handed off to the architect for formal architectural drawings of the space. Design of the Garden Club greenhouse is in progress. RCSC met with ADOT earlier this month to discuss the addition of a deceleration lane on Grand Ave for entry into the parking lot. Feedback from ADOT was positive with design work and cost estimates now in progress.

South Golf Course

  • Maricopa County has approved the project and issued the necessary construction permits. The response deadline for bids from the identified general contractors is Friday, June 29, 2018. The review of the submitted bids and selection of the general contractor will be completed in early July.

Softball Field

  • Additional concrete walkways and patio space have been added to the Softball Field site. Landscape grading and grass repair is pending. Contractor was DFG Builders and the RCSC Grounds Department. (Cost – $9,146)