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Sun City Tai Chi Club

Category: Fitness Locations: Bell Social Hall 2 & Fairway Arizona Room 3 Club Contact: Carolyn Filer (623-972-6159) Email: Club Website Class Fees:     Class Schedule: Click here to see the current Class Schedule

Zumba Fitness Club

Zumba provides an energetic cardio-vascular workout while making dance-aerobic exercise fun! Instructor led, Zumba Fitness combines Latin rhythms with easy to follow moves for both men and women. Prior Zumba experience is not required. Enjoy a dynamic hour that includes warm-up, cardio workout, cool down – and lots of smiles! […]

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Handi-Capables Club

Please come and join the Handi-Capables Club at Sundial pool for exercise and our monthly social meeting at Fairway. The goal of Handi-Capables is to provide a club specifically for those with physical limitations (chronic or temporary), offering the benefits of both social and fitness programs to enhance life, abilities […]

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Ladies’ Exercise

Stretch and strengthen. Category Fitness   Location Oakmont Center   Club Contact #1  Johanna Boslin 573-579-5320 Meeting Times Tuesdays & Fridays: 8-9am  

Hatha Yoga Club

All classes are multi-level and do not assume prior yoga experience. Classes are taught by certified instructors and include breathing techniques, stretching, relaxation and meditation, as well as warm-ups and basic postures to increase mind-body connection, self-awareness, and self-confidence. To attend bring a yoga mat, small blanket or beach towel, […]

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So Grand Exercise Club

Category Fitness Location Fairway Center Club Contact #1 Patricia Tabacchi 623-933-1365 Meeting Times Mon, Wed, Fri at 7:45am

Stretch & Slim Club

An even better name for this club might be Stretch, Flex, Tone and Balance.  We strive to work out the kinks and improve our overall health with our workout DVDs every Monday through Saturday at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. (during winter season) in the Bell Center’s Aerobics room (at the end […]

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Swim Club of Sun City

Swimming is the best workout with less stress on your joints. Swim lessons are held at the Sundial pool from November until April, and then move to the Lakeview Pool from April through October with classes for beginners, intermediate swimmers and advanced. Lessons are included in your club membership fee. […]

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Aqua Fitness Club of Sun City

Water exercise done to modern music. Aerobic, balance improvement and muscle stretching. The club was founded to encourage residents to exercise, providing a gentler environment using the pool.   You DO NOT need to know how to swim.  The movements are performed in waist to chest deep water, done to a […]

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Aerobics Club

The Aerobics Club is a fitness club that meets several times a week at Bell Center. Category: Fitness   Location: Bell Center   Club Contact: Marie Blankenship: (623) 972-3776   Meeting Times: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday:  8am, 9am, & 10am