Board of Directors

2018 RCSC Board of Directors

 L-R Front Row: Jerry DeLano, President; Dale Lehrer, Secretary; Sue Wilson, Treasurer;  Dan Schroeder, Vice President
L-R Back Row: Directors Jerome Walczak, David Wieland, Stella VanNess, Ronald Smith and Bruce Alleman

Recreation Centers of Sun City, Inc. is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors comprised of elected RCSC Members. The Board provides direction to the Management Team through policy and actions voted on at monthly meetings. Directors are also assigned to committees that make recommendations to the entire Board.

Sun City residents who own property in Sun City, are at least 55 years of age and hold an RCSC Member Card are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors and vote in elections. Directors serve three-year terms. Three directors are elected each year. The Board of Directors Office is located on the lower level at Lakeview Recreation Center.


2018 RCSC Board of Directors
President: Jerry DeLano
Vice President: Dan Schroeder
Secretary: Dale Lehrer
Treasurer: Sue Wilson
Director: Bruce Alleman
Director: Stella VanNess
Director: Jerome Walczak
Director: Dave Wieland
Director: Rich Hoffer


Chair: Sue Wilson
Clubs Organization
Chair: Dan Schroeder
Co-Chair: Sue Wilson
Finance, Budget & Audit
Chair: Dave Wieland
Co-Chair: Sue Wilson
Golf Advisory
Chair: Jerome Walczak
Co-Chair: Dan Schroeder
Chair: Jerry DeLano
Co-Chair: Dave Wieland
Lawn Bowling
Chair: Bruce Alleman
Co-Chair: Dan Schroeder
Long Range Planning
Chair: Bruce Alleman
Co-Chair: Jerry Walczak
Outreach & Communication
Chair: Jerome Walczak
Co-Chair: Dale Lehrer
Properties: Centers and Golf
Chair: Dale Lehrer
Co-Chair: Jerome Walczak

Commissions (*Only Board Directors serve on commissions)

Investment Review & Approval
Sun City Foundation