Meeting Minutes and Summaries

The RCSC Board of Directors conduct various committee meetings throughout the month in addition to the Board/Member Exchange (typically on the 2nd Monday) and regular Board Meeting (typically on the 4th Thursday) of each month, expect in July and August. Committees are made up of RCSC Members and are chaired by Board Directors. Committees present ideas and recommendations to the Board for changes to rules regulations and policies. Below are the most recent Meeting  Minutes and Meeting Summaries for your review.

Please Note: The RCSC Board of Directors has made the decision that as of January 2017, both the monthly Board meetings and the Board/Member Exchanges will be video recorded and posted on the Sun City AZ YouTube site. The minutes will remain as the permanent corporate record of the monthly Board meeting. Video recordings of the Board meetings will be maintained on the YouTube site for 120 days. The Board/Member Exchanges are not a matter of corporate record, and only the last Board/Member Exchange on will be available on YouTube, taking the old one off when the new one is posted.

Access the Sun City AZ YouTube channel by clicking on the “video” icon below:

YouTube video

Regular Board of Directors Meeting Summary

Board Meeting Minutes

Committee Meeting Summaries