2020 Board Officers, Committee Chairs & Liaisons Announced


The RCSC Board of Directors have selected the following to serve as officers for 2020:

  • Dan Schroeder, President
  • Dale Lehrer, Vice President
  • Sue Wilson, Treasurer
  • Darla Akins, Secretary

In addition, the following Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs for 2020 were announced: 

  • Bowling:Sue Wilson, Chair | Barbara Brehm, Co-Chair
  • Club Organization:Sue Wilson, Chair | Michael Ege, Co-Chair
  • Election: Rich Hoffer, Chair |Diana Graettinger, Co-Chair
  • Finance, Budget & Audit:Mike Kennedy, Chair | Sue Wilson, Co-Chair
  • Golf Advisory:Rich Hoffer, Chair | Dan Schroeder, Co-Chair
  • Insurance: Mike Kennedy, Chair | Barbara Brehm, Co-Chair
  • Lawn Bowling:Darla Akins, Chair | Barbara Brehm, Co-Chair
  • Long Range Planning: Dale Lehrer, Chair | Michael Ege, Co-Chair
  • Outreach & Communications: Michael Ege, Chair | Darla Akins, Co-Chair

Properties:Diana Graettinger, Chair | Dale Lehrer, Co-Chair

 Board Commissions:

  • Bid Commission:Dan Schroeder | Rich Hoffer | Mike Kennedy | Michael Ege
  • Investment Commission: Dan Schroeder | Sue Wilson | Rich Hoffer | Mike Kennedy
  • Sun City Foundation: Darla Akins | Sue Wilson


  • Sun City Fire Department: Michael Ege
  • Sun City Home Owners Association: Mike Kennedy
  • SCHOA Roads/Safety: Darla Akins
  • Friends of the Sun City Libraries: Rich Hoffer
  • Sun City Posse: Diana Graettinger
  • Sun City Community Assistance Network: Dan Schroeder
  • Sun Cities Museum: Barbara Brehm

The next Board Meeting will be on Thursday, January 30, 2020 at 9:00a.m. in the Sundial Auditorium. Information about upcoming board meetings, agendas and committee summaries is always available on the RCSC website at www.suncityaz.org

RCSC Cardholders are encouraged to attend Board and Committees meetings. Video recordings of both Board Meetings are also available for viewing on the Sun City AZ YouTube website.