Assistant General Manager Report – November 2018

by Chris Herring

Building and Infrastructure:

Grand Ave

The Plan of Development (POD) submission is still under review with Maricopa County. Engineers have begun working with ADOT for the planned deceleration lane addition off Grand Ave. Architectural drawings are 80% complete with a round of changes to lighting design being incorporated, as well as design of the greenhouse space being worked on. Displays showing the floor and site plans for this property are at the rear of the room to show the utilization of this space. These will be on display at future Board Meetings and Board/Member Exchanges.

Lakeview Center

Work continues on the renovation of the Lakeview Center Fitness Restrooms. To date all walls are framed up and plumbing has been roughed in, including replacement of under slab deteriorated cast iron pipes with ABS pipe. Electrical has been roughed in as well. Contractors are: Valley Architecture, KAW Construction, Spray Systems, 1-800 Cooling and Supercharged Electric (Cost-$219,133).

Marinette Center

The west parking lot was closed on November 19 and 20 to be seal coated and restriped. As part of this work, two additional handicap spaces were created out of three regular spaces. Contractor was Ace Asphalt (Cost–$6,275).

South Golf Course

Work continues to progress with footers, slab and CMU walls all complete. Roof support beams are onsite and beginning to be installed. Traffic plan changes have been submitted to Maricopa County Department of Transportation and approved. These changes will allow golf cart crossings across 103rd Ave that are out of the construction area, including the work area to tie in to the sewer and water main on the east side of 103rd Ave.