Assistant General Manager Report – September 2018

by Chris Herring (presented to the Board by David McClain)

Building and Infrastructure:

Bell Center

  • Work on the indoor spa at Bell Center is nearing completion. The pebble sheen finish has been completed. The installation of the Rubarock floor covering began on September 20 and is scheduled to be completed over the next week. The project is expected to be completed with the spa reopening by October 1. Contractors were DFG Construction, CDC Pools and Arizona Safety Surfacing (Cost – $49,441)

Lakeview Center

  • Work is completed in the Women’s Social Hall except for the installation of the new blinds. The club moved back into their club room on September 17. Contractors were Devil Dog Demolition, DFG Construction, Resource Arizona, Imagine Painting, Supercharged Electric (Cost – $31,950)

Marinette Center

  • The pool and spa areas were closed from Saturday, September 8 through September 14 to complete pool deck repairs to areas where there was excessive delamination of the cool deck material from the base concrete. Contractor was Desert Rose Coatings (Cost – $5,400)
  • The corroded electrical panel in the pool pump room was replaced during the recent outage for pool deck repairs. This important work was timed so that there was not additional downtime for this necessary work. Contractor was Accel Electric (Cost – $23,860)
  • A seal coat will be placed on the west parking lot with a restriping completed after. This work is scheduled to be completed on Monday, October 1 (weather permitting). Contractor is Ace Asphalt (Cost $6,275)

South Golf Course

  • The final construction and occupancy permits were received, and the pro shop was moved to the temporary trailer for operations during the construction. On Thursday, September 13th the demolition of the current pro shop building began with the removal of asphalt and the knocking down of the building. Over the next several weeks we will see the removal of the debris and the grading and preparation of the site for the new building foundation. As a reminder, Cardholders are asked to stay out of the fenced construction area for their safety. The general contractor for this project is Robert Porter Construction.

Sundial Center

  • The mini golf area will be closed starting in early October for repairs to concrete curbing and the replacement of the turf carpeting throughout the mini golf course. Contractors are DFG Builders and Baker Brothers. (Cost – $26,104)
  • The carpeting in the Sundial auditorium entry foyer will be replaced. This is scheduled for Saturday, September 29. The contractor is Resource Arizona. (Cost – $634)

Willow Pro Shop/Snack Shop

During the work on the golf course the snack shop and pro shop are getting some much-needed repairs and renovations:

  • Buildings at Willow are being repainted on the exterior. Contractor is Ghaster Painting. (Cost – $16,300)
  • The Willow Pro Shop interior is being painted. Contractor is Ghaster Painting. (Cost – $7,750)
  • The roofs on Willow Snack and Pro are being repaired with a new foam elastomeric roof material being applied to the roofs. Contractors are Starkweather Roof and 1-800 Cooling. (Cost – $21,372)
  • New flooring is being put down at Willow Snack in the seating, cooking and back prep/storage areas. Contractor is Resource Flooring. ($15,120)
  • A new countertop is being installed in the Willow Snack bar service area, and tables in the seating area are getting new tops. Contractor is KAW Construction. ($4,989.60)