Director of Golf and Grounds – July 2018

by Brian Duthu

Pro Shops

We will be participating in Patriot Golf Day once again this year. Patriot Golf Day was organized, with the help of PGA of America to raise funds for the Folds of Honor Foundation. The money raised is used to fund scholarships for spouses and children of military service men and women killed or disabled while serving our Country. Starters will be collecting donations through the pro shops from August 31 through September 5. In addition to donation collection, we will be hosting a skins game on August 31 that is open to all golfers. Proceeds from the event will be added to our fundraising efforts. The event will begin at 7:00am at Lakes West with a shotgun start.


The Willowcreek/Willowbrook project remains on schedule and all greens were grassed ahead of the July 15 deadline. This date is important as it gives the newly planted sprigs the opportunity to thrive during the higher humidity brought on by the monsoon season. The greens are receiving regular fertilization and frequent topdressing. The focus on irrigation now shifts to Willowbrook. All necessary tie-ins have been completed and mainline installation is complete from hole 1 through number 9. Hole 1 has lateral lines installed as well as sprinkler heads, lateral line installation has begun on hole 9. Perimeter landscaping will begin on Willowbrook, once the irrigation team has several holes completed.

Greens aerification will be complete July 31, with the aerification of the North greens. This process will mark the end of our major agronomic practices. As outlined in previous reports, all of these practices are necessary and help to promote healthy turf year round. We understand the impact many of these practices have on the golfing experience and we appreciate the patience of the golfing community.

Snack Shops

We invite all of our residents to try our snack shops for breakfast or lunch. The snack shops open daily at 6:00am and are open for lunch through 1:00pm during the summer months.

Lawn Bowl

The greens at Lakeview have had their final laser leveled topdressing and the greens at Bell are scheduled for their final topdressing on July 30 and July 31. All greens have been verticut and have been receiving regular fertilizer applications. We have been working with our contracted consultant, Lyall Adams from Woodbay, as well as members of the Lawn Bowl community to identify areas needing correction ahead of this year’s U.S. Open.

The grounds crew has had a busy month cleaning up from the storms in early July. The bermuda grass also grows at a much quicker pace during the monsoon season. With the help of staff and equipment from the South course, the grounds crew also finished tying in the newly poured concrete pads at the softball field to existing landscaping.