Management Report – May 2021


Financial Report

The Recreation Centers of Sun City, Inc. (RCSC) has ended April 2021 within its operating and capital budget year to date. All divisions except Member Services and Food Service have met or exceeded their net operating budget projections year to date with total operating income $285k (3%) favorable to budget and operating expenses $437k (8%) favorable to budget. Member Services led the declines due to the cancellation of shows in 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions eliminating ticket sales income. Food Service was slightly below net operating budget due to COVID seating restrictions driving down income. Operating expense favorability is primarily driven by lower payroll taxes & benefits and lower utility, general operating and repair and maintenance expenses across multiple divisions. Year to date operating excess without projects is $799k (28%) favorable to budget.

Cardholder Services Report

Payments on past due assessments in April were 8.5% of past due balances. Overall accounts receivable decreased in April by 0.3% and is up 1.6% from the beginning of the year. Overall accounts receivable past due balances have decreased in April by 1.8%. March assessments went 30 days past due at a 3.0% rate and February assessments went 60 days past due at a 1.4% rate.

Payments from our third-party collections firm totaled $65,574.51 in April. Year to date payments through our third-party collections firm total $136,720.46. Payments made in April through the online RCSC Web Portal totaled $221,884 from 486 property owners. Year to date web portal payments total $808,765 from 1763 property owners.

In April property transfer balances increased by 0.1%. Outstanding balances related to property transfers represent 53% of all receivables and 53% of past due balances. At the end of April, trustee sale notices on Sun City AZ properties ended at 24 and properties owned by lending institutions remained at 1.

Information Technology Report

Supported the Building & Infrastructure Team in establishing network connectivity for security cameras and card access at the Grand Avenue II facility. Currently all data cabling/equipment, security cameras and access control infrastructure are installed and functional.

Online guest pass purchasing enabled via the web portal with the addition of a splash page outlining terms and conditions of the purchase.

Recycled outdated, obsolete and non-functional IT equipment. Created procedural documentation for Golf to improve productivity.

In April, the Information Technology team responded to 87 service requests closing 84.

Human Resources Report

In April Human Resources processed 31 job requisitions filling 27 with new employees. Time to fill requisitions Key Performance Indicator in April was 7.0 days.

Mechanical interfaces have been established between our Employee Benefits providers (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Delta Dental and Fidelity) and our Payroll/HR service provider, Paylocity. This interface reduces manual processes which will improve processing time and reduce errors.


Bell Lanes

  • Removed and replaced window film tint on 6 panes at the Hutton Drive Project completed on 04/16/21 at a cost of $1,340. Contractor: Jocoran Glass Inc.

Bell Center

  • Installed safety horns/strobes to alert staff in case of a refrigerant leak situation at the central Project was completed on 05/06/21 at a cost of $5,350. Contractor: W.D. Manor Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Grand Center – Building II

  • The building passed final inspections with Sun City Fire & Medical Department (on 05/04/21) and Maricopa County Planning & Development (on 05/13/21). Certificate of Occupancy documentation was issued on 05/14/21. RCSC Buildings & Infrastructure department will coordinate final documentation activities with the architect & GC, as well as coordinate upcoming moves for the Vintage Vehicle Club & Sportsman’s Club into the

Lakes East/West Maintenance Yard

  • Plan Review drawing set was submitted to Maricopa County Planning and Development Department and Sun City Fire & Medical Department on January Review comments were received March 3rd and 4th, respectively. Drawing updates in response to the comments were submitted back on 04/07/21. Sun City Fire has approved the corrections. Still awaiting approval from Maricopa County.

Lakeview Center

  • Remodeling work continues for the future Sun City Carvers and Leather Craft Club Demolition and asbestos removal/abatement was completed 5/3. Construction now underway. Projected completion is late June 2021.

Marinette Center

  • Installed 151 feet of wind/sunscreens at Pickleball Courts 18-20. Project completed on 04/28/21 at a cost of $1,928. Contractor: Fairlane Fence

Mountain View Center

  • CCBG Architects presented the master plan alternative #1 for a reconstructed Mountain View Center at the RCSC Board of Directors meeting on 05/10/21. Feedback and clarifications will be incorporated and presented in the master plan alternative #2 at the upcoming Board of Directors meeting on 6/14/21.

Oakmont Center

  • Electrical and painting renovation work has been completed for the new China Painters Club Project was completed on 04/12/21 at a cost of $8,695. Contractors: Accel Electric and Exquisite Painting

Quail Run Golf

  • Removed graffiti from 5 locations on the perimeter masonry walls adjoining the bike Project completed on 04/21/21 at a cost of $1,850. Contractor: Exquisite Painting
  • Removed and replaced shingles at Pro Shop with new laminated architectural Project completed on 04/23/21 at a cost of $11,017. Contractor: Lyons Roofing
  • Removed and replaced shingles at Pavilion with new laminated architectural Project completed on 04/23/21 at a cost of $12,715. Contractor: Lyons Roofing

Sundial Center

  • Capital equipment purchase of two new 25-ton dehumidifiers for the natatorium is W.D. Manor Mechanical Contractors, Inc. has placed the order with manufacturer Dunham-Bush, with a scheduled on-dock at the Sundial Center around the end of August 2021. Installation to be complete by 09/30/21.
  • Repaired water damage at ceiling locations in the Calligraphy, Craft and Yoga Work involved removing and replacing 5/8” drywall, replacing damaged insulation and paint touch-up. Project was completed on 05/13/21 at a cost of $8,392. Contractor: BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC
  • Painted the Handweaving/Spinners/Basket Weavers club room (1,900 sq ft). Project was completed on 05/07/21 at a cost of $5,450. Contractor: Exquisite Painting

Skilled Trades

  • Completed 322 work orders in April 2021


New Issues:

  • Fairway Center – Inverter #07

Inverter was hit by a truck. Kortman is working on getting a warranty replacement.

Issues Resolved: NA

Open Issues:

  •  Oakmont Center – # 01/02/03/04/05/06

The inverters are reporting data correctly for daily but not for history. This issue is Also Energy’s, we

are still working with Forest from Also Energy to resolve.

Production Data:

After including April’s production data, the lifetime to-date production versus expected went down slightly and is over expected by 4.51%. The percentage of inverters producing above expected remained the same at 76%.

Preventive Maintenance:

Kortman will be starting the yearly preventive maintenance starting end of May or beginning of June. This will require parking spaces under the solar canopies to be cordoned off during maintenance activity.


Summer no-tap tournaments will resume May 30, 2021 with the Memorial Day No-Tap tournament. The tournament was filled within two weeks of the announcement. The “Friday Fun Day” at Lakeview Lanes resumed on May 27, 2021.

Summer bowling leagues have begun competition and most leagues have returned at full strength with one league not returning. Open play bowling has increased as RCSC is “getting back to normal.” Mid- June, the bowling department will begin gathering information to prepare for the upcoming 2021 – 2022 fall bowling league season and hopefully will be able to totally “Get Back to Normal” by mid- September.

Golf & Grounds:

Pro Shops

Total rounds for April were 38,104 which is 2,510 higher than prior year and the highest recorded total for April in the last 15 years. For the year we have played 162,174 rounds, which represents our highest 4-month total in 14 years. Among the regulation courses, Riverview has the most rounds (24,855), Willowcreek has the second highest total (24,223), followed by Lakes West, South and North. For the executive courses, Lakes East has the most rounds (16,862), followed by Willowbrook and Quail Run.

As a reminder, we respectfully ask that golfers refrain from entering private property to retrieve errant golf balls. While there are some homeowners that are not bothered by golfers retrieving errant shots, there are many that feel violated when someone enters their property to retrieve a ball. Please remember that when retrieving an errant shot on a homeowners property, you are trespassing, unless you have been given permission to do so. We ask for your cooperation in respecting the property of others.

Snack Shops

Snacks shops are now consistently closing at 3:00 PM and will shift to 1:00 PM beginning June 1.

Golf Courses

Fairway aerification begins May 27 on South and continues through June 22 on Willowbrook. During this period of course maintenance the courses will be closed in two-day blocks. Aerification of fairways serves to reduce compaction and remove buildup of thatch. Soil compaction hinders the movement of water and oxygen to the root zone. The full aerification schedule can be found on the RCSC website,, under the golf tab.