Mini-Golf Club of Sun City

We play at all five RCSC courses, and all equipment is provided free for our members at tournament time. Also we have brochures at each of the courses that informs you about the Mini Golf Club.

Meetings – Our monthly meeting is held at Lakeview Recreation Center on the second Tuesday of the month at 10am in Social Hall #1. Coffee and treats are provided at the meeting. Regular tournament play is held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. Starting times do change according to our weather. Printed sheets are given out to each member with the time, dates and courses where we play. Also we have e-mail reminders as well as phone callers to remind you of golf play tournaments.

Club Events – The club looks forward to our annual Friendship Tournament with the Sun City West Mini Golf Club. In the spring we go to Sun City West and in the fall Sun City West comes to Sun City. Starting off the morning fun with a wonderful breakfast hosted by the home club. We then enjoy the friendly competition and fellowship of the tournament.

The club holds two special tournaments in which we honor members and winners receive a trophy. Trophies are displayed in our trophy case and can be seen in the hallway at Lakeview Recreation at Social hall #1.

Our Christmas party is enjoyed by all with games and fantastic food being served. Also it is a time for hob knobbing with every one and getting to know one another better.

Club members look forward to the annual Spring luncheon held in April. This is a pot luck affair, with games being played, great food and lots of camaraderie with fellow members.

The month of May finishes tournament play until September rolls around and then tournament play resumes.

Club fees – Yearly dues are $3.00 per person and we welcome all current RCSC card holders. We like to say, the fresh air and a little exercise are perks of playing mini golf, no fees for them.

Category Sports  
Location Lakeview Center  
Club Contact #1
Maryanne Smith 623-271-8492
Club Contact #2 Olivia Downs 623-933-4375
Meeting Time
  • 2nd Tuesdays   10-11am