New COVID-19 Face Mask Non-compliance Measures

RCSC Cardholders are advised that based upon Governor Doug Ducey’s Executive Order 2020-40 executed on June 20, 2020, the RCSC Board of Directors approved an emergency enforcement process to address those RCSC Cardholders who repeatedly do not comply with RCSC’s rules and regulations to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Specifically, all RCSC Cardholders are required wear face masks when indoors at every RCSC property except at the Sundial pool and when using any indoor spa. This now includes both golf pro shops and snacks shops (except when eating).

Face masks are required to be cloth, fabric or other permeable material and must be worn over the mouth and nose, affixed either over the ears or tied around the head.

Additionally, all tables and chairs including those placed around swimming pools, at golf snack shops and patios, etc. may not be moved for any reason as this ensures that proper physical distancing requirements are being maintained.

Based upon the current situation and dire crisis levels we are experiencing, there are absolutely NO exceptions. Any Cardholder who refuses repeatedly to comply with these reopening rules and regulations will be disciplined as follows:

  • First Incident Report reporting Cardholder’s unwillingness to comply with COVID-19 rules and regulations after being asked to do so
  • Letter issued to Cardholder explaining the reasons and need to comply stating that continued lack of compliance could result in suspension
  • Second Incident Report reporting Cardholder’s continued unwillingness to comply for same COVID-19 rule and regulation
  • Fifteen (15) day suspension issued upon 100% agreement of three RCSC Sr. Managers upon review
  • Cardholder notified of 15-day suspension and date suspension ends

While it is realized the majority of Cardholders who wish to participate in RCSC activities at this time are complying with these rules and regulations, those who are not pose a serious health threat to other Cardholders and RCSC employees alike. This situation cannot be tolerated any longer.

Your understanding and compliance with these restrictions is mandatory until further notice.