RCSC Announces Smith Resignation from Board


The Recreation Centers of Sun City, Inc. regretfully announces the resignation of Ron Smith from its Board of Directors this week. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances, Mr. Smith will not be able to finish his three year term which ends December 2018. “We are grateful for Ron’s service to the RCSC and to the residents of Sun City AZ, and wish him the very best,” stated RCSC Board President Jerry DeLano.

As per RCSC’s Corporate Bylaws, Article IV titled Board of Directors, Section 5 titled Length of Terms & Vacancies, Paragraph (iv): Vacancies occurring on the Board during the year (January 1 through December 31) may be filled by appointment of the Board. A majority vote of the Board is required for said appointment. An appointment ends on December 31 of the year appointed. An appointed term does not enter in the six-year limit set forth in the Restated Articles of Incorporation.