RCSC Board of Directors Announce 2018 Committee Chairs, Liaisons & Commission Assignments


The RCSC Board of Directors have selected the following committee chairs, co-chairs, liaisons and commission assignments for 2018:

  • Bowling:  Ronald Smith, Chair | Sue Wilson, Co-Chair
  • Club Organization Committee:  Dan Schroeder, Chair | Sue Wilson, Co-Chair
  • Elections:  Stella VanNess, Chair | Ronald Smith, Co-Chair
  • Finance & Budget:  Dave Wieland, Chair | Sue Wilson, Co-Chair
  • Golf Advisory:  Jerome Walczak, Chair | Dan Schroeder, Co-Chair
  • Insurance:  Jerry DeLano, Chair | Dave Wieland, Co-Chair
  • Lawn Bowling: Bruce Alleman, Chair | Dan Schroeder, Co-Chair
  • Long Range Planning: Bruce Alleman, Chair | Jerome Walczak, Co-Chair
  • Outreach & Communications: Jerome Walczak, Chair | Dale Lehrer, Co-Chair
  • Properties:  Dale Lehrer, Chair | Jerome Walczak, Co-Chair

Board Commissions:

  • Bid Commission: Jerry DeLano | Dan Schroder | Dave Wieland | Bruce Alleman
  • Investment Commission:  Jerry DeLano | Sue Wilson | Jerome Walczak | Dave Wieland
  • Sun City Foundation: Stella VanNess | Jerome Walczak


  • Sun City Fire Department: Bruce Alleman
  • Sun City Home Owners Association:  Stella VanNess | Dale Lehrer
  • Sun City Library:  Jerome Walczak
  • Sun City Posse:  Ronald Smith
  • Sun City Community Assistance Network: Dan Schroeder
  • Sun Cities Museum: Dave Wieland

Additional information about upcoming meetings, agendas and committee summaries are available on the RCSC website at www.suncityaz.org