RCSC Cardholder Login (Web Portal) Upgrade

Upgrades to the RCSC Cardholder Login (Web Portal) have been successfully completed.  The url address has now been changed to https://login.suncityaz.org. Those visitors using the old url (in favorites or bookmarks) will automatically be redirected to this new address.

The key changes to the RCSC Cardholder Login (web portal) functionality as a result of this upgrade include:

  • Simplified payment process allowing any property owner to pay the balance due on the property
  • The ability to change contact information, including email address, telephone number and cell phone number
  • Improved details display for account history, rounds history and pro shop purchases
  • Transaction detail visibility and reporting for on-account/prize winning balances
  • Improved display of golf course maintenance/closure information during the booking process
  • Correction of default number of players for tee times on Executive courses
  • Ability to book more than one tee time in a day to accommodate multiple rounds played on the same day
  • New reports feature that includes rounds history, facility visits and on-account balances
  • Improved performance addressing various problems with the tee time booking process on some web browsers

In conjunction with this upgrade, RCSC will also begin accepting Discover Cards at all RCSC locations, as well as for online transactions.

RCSC Cardholder feedback has been very important to the update process in identifying areas for improvement. We are confident these changes will benefit Cardholders through an improved online experience.