RCSC Election Results Announced


Despite a full slate of candidates, many voters opted to remain silent again in the 2013 RCSC Board of Directors Elections this year. The total of 1,270 votes were cast (859 electronic, 375 paper and 35 absentee) while last year less than 400 members voted.  

The top three vote getters elected to serve three-year terms on the RCSC Board are Dan Schroeder, Peter Lee and Michael Kennedy.

Dan Schroder comes to the Board with a background in construction (electrician, foreman, project manager) and has served on the RCSC Clubs Organization Committee. He is currently president of the Oakmont Lapidary Club and was the Chairman for this year’s Sun City Arts & Crafts Festival.

Peter Lee worked 34 years for the U.S. Department of Defense, serves as a volunteer tax preparer for the Sun City Community Assistance Network and is a member of the Computer Club.

Michael Kennedy had a 40+ year career in management and finance, is an adjunct instructor of business courses at Rio Salado Community College and has had prior board experience. He serves on the Board of Directors and is auditor for the Camera Guild and plays softball in the Sun City Senior Softball Association.

Due to the number of candidates from which to chose, as well as an online voting option, far more votes were cast than in the past two elections.  The debut of the RCSC Web Portal made voting easier for some members as they were able to cast ballots in advance, from anywhere. 

“While Sun City is known for high voter turnout in national and state elections, for some reason the attitude towards local elections seems to wane,” said Linda Lindquist, RCSC Elections Committee Co-chair, “and these elections are very important to the way Sun City moves forward.”

“In the past when there has been high voter turnout, there has always been an issue that pushed the voting. We would interpret this as people in general being happy with the way things are run,” stated Lindquist. “It is fortunate that we had eight able-bodied citizens step up and want to be part of the process.  Having said that, I think Sun City came out as a winner.” Lindquist concluded.

The newly elected Board Directors will be installed on Thursday, December 19, 2013 at 9:00a.m. at the regular RCSC Board of Directors meeting at the Sundial Auditorium but do not take office until January 1, 2014. Directors Larry Klein, Cord Angier and Dan Hill complete their elected terms of service on December 31, 2013.