Sanitation of Grand Property Completed


RCSC was notified by the general contractor completing the construction of the Grand Center that a subcontractor employee working at the site from June 9-12 was tested the week of June 15 and received positive test results for COVID-19.

The general contractor had put into place COVID-19 screening of subcontractors in March and continued this daily practice of screening workers on the job site. The subcontractor employee passed the daily COVID-19 screening and performed work on the job site. There is not confirmation that this employee was positive for COVID-19 while working on the Grand Center job site.

As a precautionary measure the Grand Center job site was closed on June 18 and a disinfecting service provider completed disinfecting the entire building on June 19. The Grand Center will reopen for completion of work and continued activities of moving clubs into the Center on Monday, June 22.