Assistant General Manager Report – April 2011

By: Jim Wellman

Fairway Center and South, Quail Run Pro Shops

The Fairway, phase II project remains on schedule with work underway as follows:

    1. The roof over the cardio, weight room & south track area has been completed, which is allowing the installation of drywall, paint & tile in the locker rooms, and front desk.
    2. The roof over the west and east track area has been dried-in and drywall and finishes are currently being installed.
    3. The roof over the north track is currently being dried-in and will be completed by the end of the week, which will allow installation of drywall and finishes.
    4. Stucco work has been completed on the east, north and partial west elevation of the building and stucco work on the remaining west and south elevations and should be completed in the next few weeks.
    5. Asphalt paving has been completed in the south and west parking areas. Paving for the north area will begin following the sub-grade preparation of the lawn bowl area, which is expected to begin next week.
    6. The pools and spa have been excavated, plumbing has been installed and tested, reinforcing steel has been placed and shot-crete will be applied pending resolution of permit issues with Maricopa County.

Completion of the Fairway phase II project is scheduled for July 2011.

Mountain View Center & Sun Bowl

Renovation of the Mountain View pool restrooms and showers continues, with 90% of the project completed. At this time all tile work has been completed on the floors and walls. Fixtures are being installed, with partitions and lockers to follow. Contractors for this project include Trades Unlimited, Custom Cooling and Ken McIntyre Construction. (Cost – $218,851)

Lakeview / Lakeview Lanes / Viewpoint Lake

The new Lakeview Lanes & Café replacement sign has been installed in the parking lot at Lakeview. Contractor was Bootz & Duke (Cost – $12,832)

The Lakeview spa remodel project is awaiting permit from Maricopa County Building & Planning Department.

Lakeview Administration lobby and hallways were carpeted. Contractor was Resource of Arizona. (Cost – $3,975)

Bell Center / Bell Lanes

The Bell chiller project (Phase II) is nearing completion. The only work remaining is the installation of (5) exhaust fans on the Bell social halls. The fans are scheduled to be installed April 28th. Contractor for this project is Bel-Air Mechanical. (Cost – $217,125)

Reroofing of the Bell Library is scheduled to begin May 2nd. Contractor is Trades Unlimited. (Cost – $18,409)

Resurfacing work on Bell Tennis Courts is scheduled to begin June 6th. Contractor is Southwest Sport. (Cost – $18,855)

Sundial Center and East/West, Riverview Pro Shops

The RCSC has awarded the Sundial Monument repair project to K. L. McIntyre and is currently waiting for Maricopa County to approve our application for a building permit. (Cost – $49,648)

Ultra Violet light equipment is scheduled to be installed next week on the circulation systems of both Sundial swimming pools. The Ultra Violet Light units will eliminate Cryptosporidium in a more timely manner, reduce chloramines in the air and reduce the amount of chlorine needed to maintain County Health Department water chemistry standards for swimming pools. Contractors are Aquatic Builders and Accel Electric. (Cost – $68,336)

Marinette Center / WB/WC Pro

Social Hall will get new flooring which will provide a cushioned surface and withstand the multiple dance clubs using the facility. Installation of the new floor is scheduled for May. Contractor is Interior Logic. (Cost – $28,570)

Skilled Trades Department

The Skilled Trades department completed 126 work orders during the month of March 2011. (Does not include non-work order tasks.)

Grounds/Irrigation Department

The RCSC grounds department has been busy maintaining the RCSC’s (6) lawn bowl greens, the ball park field and the Sunbowl amphitheatre.

General Centers Information

A “What’s Working What’s Not” meeting was held at 1:00 PM, on Tuesday, April 6, 2011 at Fairway Center’s Arizona Room. The meeting was very productive as information was shared about RCSC Center’s and various concerns from club officers and cardholders were discussed.