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Specto Ball Tracking

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Specto tracking system installed at Lakeview Lanes for bowlers and coaches. Specto records information about bowler’s shots using a high-power sensor and displays it to them on an easy-to-use app. Bowlers will easily be able to connect to the Specto app to view their stats, perform practice drills on their own, or compete in challenges with friends and bowlers worldwide.

Click Here For Online Instructional Video

  • See your ball reaction.
  • Learn how accurate you are.
  • Test your equipment and prepare your arsenal for your next competition.
  • Use practice drills designed by coaches to improve your game.
  • Use deep practice to improve your skills quickly.



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Easy To Use App

Practice With A Purpose

  • Predetermined training modules
  • Challenge modes to test your skills
  • Tools to measure performance and progress

Get a Blueprint of your style of play

  • Measure Performance up to 10 data points
  • Save, view and compare your sessions

Improve Your Performance

  • Learn Faster
  • Bowl better and gain confidence


  • $25.00 Guest (Per Hour)
  • $15.00 Cardholder (Per Hour)