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Tee Times/Draw Process

Daily Tee Time Allocation Process

View the online help instructions here!

Tee Times

Tee times are accepted up to five days in advance for RCSC Cardholders. Tee times can be made by automated online lottery draw, telephone or online through the RCSC Web Portal. Please have Cardholder number available for starters.

RCSC Cardholder Tee Time Instructions

  • Cardholders can sign up for any RCSC courses either through the web portal or by filling out a lottery draw card in any pro shop. Specific instructions for the web portal can be found online (see link above).
  • Entries for the lottery may be submitted up to 7 days ahead of the draw date.  As an example, a time for the 20th will be drawn on the 15th, this entry may be made from the 8th to the 14th.
  • Golfers will be notified via email of the lottery results and the times given.
  • Lottery requests may be submitted for 1 player up to 50 players.  Large groups of players may want to refer to Board Policy for additional options scheduling tee times.  
  • Golfers not wishing to take part in the lottery may book times through the pro shop beginning when the pro shop opens or through the web portal beginning at 6:00 a.m., up to five days in advance.

NOTE: Double Booking is not allowed

Five Day Advance Tee Time Schedule
If Today is: Tee time taken for:
Sunday Friday
Monday Saturday
Tuesday Sunday
Wednesday Monday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday
Saturday Thursday

General Public Tee Times

  • Non-RCSC Cardholers may book tee times three days in advance, based on tee time availability, by calling the course pro shop.
  • Tee times may also be booked online at go.teeitup.golf .

Starting Times

Starting times change during the year on the FIRST DAY of the following months:

November 7:30am
December 8:00am
February 7:30am
April 7:00am
May 6:30am
October 7:00am