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RCSC Administrative Golf Rules

Golf Administrative Rules (PDF)

The Golf Senior Leader or his/her designee, shall have the authority to enforce the following administrative rules which contribute to good golf etiquette; speeds up play; and/or protects the safety of the golfers or spectators as follows:

1. Men must wear shirts with sleeves; women cannot wear halters or bra-type tops. Bare feet are not allowed and metal spikes and turf-type athletic shoes are not permitted. Shorts must be hemmed; short-shorts, cut-off shorts and bathing or swimming attire is not permitted.

2. Cardholders and their invited guests shall follow golf etiquette rules common to the game of golf.

3. For safety reasons, no more than two people and two golf bags are permitted on the cart. The driver must have a valid driver’s license. There should be no more than three carts for any group on all courses. During periods of normal operation, riders in rental carts will be required to ride two persons per cart when possible.  At the discretion of the Director of Golf, fivesomes may be allowed on executive courses. Motorized carts must be kept at least 30 feet from the greens and parked on the path while putting. It is permissible to park off the path around tee boxes for the purpose of seeking shade. Carts should stay on the paths or in the “rough” as much as possible. Special attention should be given to avoid leaving the path in areas where the grass is wet or worn. When it is necessary to leave the path, the 90-degree rule should be followed. This means staying on the path until opposite your ball, driving straight to it, and straight back after hitting. All pull carts must remain in the highest cut of grass around greens and tee boxes. Handicap golf permits are available at the Golf Administrative Office at the Riverview Pro Shop.  Rules may differ for golfers who have a handicap golf permit.  Handicap golf rules will be disbursed at the same time the permit is issued.

4. Non-golfers are not allowed on the course, including cart paths, during golfing hours, excluding a rider who must remain in the golf cart at all times. Golfing hours are defined as beginning at the first tee time until sunset. Organized events may allow spectators at the discretion of the Director of Golf.

5. Except for bicycles specifically manufactured for golf course use and approved by the Director of Golf, bicycles are not allowed on the golf course, including cart paths, during golfing hours, defined as beginning at the first tee time until sunset.

6. Practicing is not allowed on the course at any time; use practice facilities for this purpose. Range baskets are not permitted outside of practice facilities.

7. The Recreation Centers of Sun City has established the following guidelines for tires used on our eight (8) golf courses:

a. Tires used on the vehicle must be referred to as a golf course tire by the manufacturer

b. Tires must have a rounded vertical tread with a depth not to exceed ¼ inch

c. Tire width must be minimum of eight (8) inches

d. The pressure of the tire must not exceed 28 PSI