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As many of you know, Viewpoint Lake is officially open for your enjoyment!  Viewpoint Lake is a special amenity shared by both lakeside residents and RCSC Members & Cardholders, as well as their escorted guests.  The lake is located adjacent to Lakeview Center, and includes the beautiful Hillside Park circling the lake.  Enjoy mini golf right outside of the entrance.  Please visit this page often for fun updates as we work to celebrate the unique gems that sets the Original Sun City apart.

The following edition is a recap of holiday fun and the reopening of the lake!  Enjoy as you take in this holiday season.



The following comments were given at the Grand Reopening of Viewpoint Lake by General Manager Matthew D’Luzansky. 

“Good afternoon, here we are on this beautiful fall day, only about a week until Winter Begins, so get your wool hats and blankets ready for another tough valley winter.

My name is Matthew D’Luzansky, I am the General Manager here at the Recreation Centers of Sun City.

Thank you for coming out to help us celebrate our newly lined lake, while it took over a year to complete, it is back in service now and ready for recreation.

In fact we just added 1500 trout yesterday, so let the fishing begin!

Also, we have four new paddle boats for your exercise and enjoyment.

Please remember to understand and follow all the rules for your safety. If you have any questions about fishing or boating, or anything else, please ask one of our attendants, they will be happy to help you. We want you to have fun, and be safe too.

This lake, and Mount Webb here next to it, are two of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Sun City. Some call them the hidden gems of Sun City, to find out more about these gems and their history please visit the presentation over in the social hall. Thanks to the folks at the museum, primarily Ben and Bill, for pulling that together.

Thanks to Mike Wiprud, our Director of Building and Infrastructure, and his team, for persevering through the twists and turns of an entire lake rehab, and bringing it to this beautiful conclusion.”


Click here to watch Sun City in Focus feature the Grand Re-opening of the Lake!



The waiting has ended for those eager to fish at Viewpoint Lake once again!  Hard work, testing and preparation of the lake has deemed it suitable for some new residents – 1,500 rainbow trout!

The trout were safely placed into the water and range from one to two pounds on average.  Fishing has already started and so we wanted to share with you some safety tips for fishing and the lake in general.

It has been more than a year since fishing was available at the lake, but this is just the start to a return to normal fishing cycles.  The water will continue to be tested and maintained, as always, with more fish joining the lake in the future.  New fish habitats using recycled concrete from the former lake lining will keep the fish healthy as we continue to add more fish in 2024, and allow for future breeding.


Rules on Catching Fish

Please read and save the Cardholder’s Guide.

Viewpoint Lake is private water; no state fishing license is required.

Fishing may occur from dawn to dusk with two poles or lines simultaneously. No unattended fishing poles or lines are allowed. Fishing from all RCSC owned shoreline property is allowed, except the RCSC boat dock area unless designated otherwise by “No Fishing” signs.

Fishing from a boat should not occur closer than 25 feet from the shoreline or any dock, the screen outlet near Cameo Bridge or any other boat. Hooks caught on boats, property or other objects shall not be jerked or pulled; cut the line and tie to the object hooked and inform owner if property damage is involved.

While we only have trout in the lake at this time, please remember the limits on the different varieties:

Daily Fish Limit Allowed:                        (3 in total)

Largemouth Bass ……………………… 1 bass, 13-inch minimum length

Catfish / Trout …………………..……. 3 fish (any combination)

Bluegill / Sunfish / Common Carp ..……………………… 5 fish (any combination)

White Amur (grass carp)………………………………….….…. Catch & Release Only


Let’s Stay Safe at the Lake 

Usage of Viewpoint Lake is available to RCSC Cardholders and their invited guests, ages 6 years and older. All guests under 18 years of age and younger must be accompanied by an adult. Use of Viewpoint Lake and RCSC paddle and row boats are at the user’s own risk; no lifeguard is on duty.

  1. No swimming, wading, snorkeling, or scuba diving.
  2. No depositing trash in or around the lake. Violators will be charged for cleanup services.
  3. No feeding waterfowl or fish.
  4. No disturbing or harassing waterfowl.


Boating Available for RCSC Members on Public Side

Arizona boating laws and regulations apply. Each occupant must have a USCG life preserver on board and any occupant under the age of 13 must wear a properly secured life preserver at all times.

Boats shall not exceed 16 feet in length with a maximum of a 10 horse power motor. Paddle and row boats are available to RCSC Cardholders and their invited guests through the Lakeview Mini Golf Facility Attendant at no charge.

Users must comply with specific rules posted at Lakeview Mini Golf Facility Attendant Station for use of RCSC boats. Use of RCSC boats are at the user’s own risk. In an effort to prevent Golden Algae and Quagga Mussels, incoming watercraft, motors, trailers, fishing equipment and oars are to be clean and disinfected with a solution of one part bleach to ten parts water prior to being placed in Viewpoint Lake.

Boats and trailers being transferred from other lakes should be disinfected and allowed to dry a minimum of 72 hours before being placed in Viewpoint Lake.

Launch ramp gate shall be locked at all times. See Lakeview Mini Golf Facility Attendant Station or call 623-561-4676 for access.

  1. No wakes allowed.
  2. No jet skis, towables, fishing float tubes or waders, or any other floatation device unless USCG approved and labeled.
  3. Mushroom or ball anchors only.
  4. No docking against the lake’s edge.