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Community and Attractions

Sun City, Arizona is seven miles long and three miles wide with everything you need in between

It’s unique in almost every sense—architecturally, culturally, environmentally, and socially. Located within easy reach of entertainment venues, recreation facilities, major sports arenas, cultural institutions, and all manner of natural wonders, Sun City, Arizona is also your launching pad to a world of events, destinations, and experiences just beyond its borders. Golf, recreation, amenities, sports, and more can be found here.  Come find out why SCA is the best active adult community in the world.

It’s safe to say you’ve never seen a community quite like Sun City, Arizona

People who live here always seem to be in a good mood. And why shouldn’t they be? They spend most of their time enjoying life, which makes for a very happy and friendly kind of place. We pride ourselves on maintaining a healthy and happy community for people to live.

Far from cookie-cutter

Architecturally, Sun City, Arizona is known for its unique character, personality, and legacy. Its signature easily accessible wide-open streets and clean and orderly atmosphere are all about accessibility. Golf carts are allowed to roam freely, so you can zip conveniently wherever you want to go and still be environmentally friendly. You’ll find a vast collection of 70s-style homes here—a desirable trend in real estate nowadays. And pride of ownership is high, with everyone’s yard and house looking good—and just a little bit different.

Never boring

With parks and trails, Sun City recreation centers and golf courses, an open-air amphitheater and dozens and dozens of activities and social clubs, there is always something fun and interesting to do. Sun City, Arizona is host to a number of arts festivals, neighborhood parties, musical concerts, and special events. And if you ever leave the town, you have even more options, with all the professional sports, theaters, museums, casinos and bars, restaurants and nightclubs of a major metropolitan area close at hand.

Learn something new every day

If you’re looking to further your education and expand your skills, knowledge, and expertise, you can’t find a better place to do it than Sun City, Arizona. ASU West, Lifelong Learning Club, multiple community colleges, and RISE: Rio Institute for Senior Education are all nearby. “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” – Henry Ford

Seems like everywhere you want to go is less than 30 minutes away

From Glendale, where the NFL Cardinals and NHL Coyotes play, to Scottsdale, with its world-class shopping, art galleries, and nightlife, to downtown Phoenix, which is the cultural and entertainment hub of the Valley, Sun City, Arizona is in the heart of it all. Within a 7-mile radius, there are two spring training baseball stadiums with events year-round, major shopping centers and small boutiques, and so much entertainment you couldn’t possibly run out of things to do. And that’s just within the greater Phoenix area. Sun City, Arizona hosts hundreds of events and actives a year and invites you to partake in our amenities.

Expand your horizons just a little farther

_DSC2234You’ll find an endless supply of magnificent sights to see. Arizona is the Grand Canyon State, after all, and it’s just a short half-day trip away. For a 25-degree drop in temperature, drive a quick two hours to Flagstaff and take in the cool, tall-timber pines or the red rock beauty of Sedona. Or for a different kind of thrill, Las Vegas is just five hours by car and Laughlin is even less. In fact, Sun City, Arizona is perfectly situated to take full advantage of the Great American Southwest in every direction. From the Painted Desert to the snow-capped mountains, the sun-soaked beaches of California to the RVing pleasures of Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado, Sun City, Arizona is your gateway to glorious travel.

But don’t stay away long

As soon as you’re ready, come back to Sun City, Arizona. Friendliness, beauty, convenience, and value are the things that make this community unique—and all the reasons you’ll want to make it your permanent home. Come find out why Sun City, Arizona is the best retirement city in the world.