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RCSC Board Policy Resolution No. 18


 WHEREAS Article IV, Section 7 of the Corporate Bylaws empowers the Board of Directors (“Board” or “Directors”) of the Recreation Centers of Sun City, Inc. (“RCSC” or “Corporation”) to adopt Policies (“BP” or “Policies”) not in conflict with the Restated Articles of Incorporation (“Articles”) or the Corporate Bylaws (“Bylaws”).

WHEREAS to minimize inconsistencies, misunderstandings and misinterpretations inherent in verbal instructions, rules and regulations, the Board of Directors has established Board Policies in written form. Such Policies shall be titled, numbered and indexed for easy reference and use.

WHEREAS the Restated Articles of Incorporation and the Corporate Bylaws shall take precedence over Board Policies and that the following Board Policy on Bowling shall provide instruction, direction and guidelines regarding such and shall remain in effect until such time it is amended or removed by the Board.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the Corporation shall adhere to the following bowling policy:

In addition to the Code of Conduct and RCSC Rules & Regulations in Board Policy Resolution No. 10, the following shall apply to both the Lakeview Bowling Center and the Bell Bowling Center (“Bowling Centers”):


1. RCSC Cardholders and their guests may use the Bowling Centers. RCSC Cardholders must be Cardholders in good standing and present a valid card to RCSC personnel in order to pay Cardholder rates for bowling. Guests of RCSC Cardholders are not required to use a Host Punch Card to bowl. RCSC Cardholder guests shall pay the guest rate for bowling.

2. Residents outside of Sun City (“non-resident(s)”) and Sun City residents who do not have a valid Member or Privilege Card (“non-cardholder(s)”), 55 years old and older, may bowl at the RCSC Bowling Centers provided they show government issued identification, with picture, verifying their age. Such bowlers shall pay the guest rate for bowling and shall be allowed to participate in league play and may not be removed from a league/team once they have established a regular league/team status.

3. Guests, under 55 years of age, may use the bowling facilities but their host, a RCSC Cardholder, must sign them in at the bowling facility. Such guests shall pay the guest rate for bowling.

4. Non-residents and non-cardholders age 19 or older may participate in leagues at the Bowling Centers provided that the league has approved such. Any person that is on a league/team can practice during open play without being signed in by a RCSC Cardholder. The open bowl privilege of underage, non-residents and non-cardholders does not extend to their guests. All non-residents and non-cardholders shall pay the guest rates for bowling.

5. The Recreation Centers of Sun City West (RCSCW) and Sun City Grand (SCG) Cardholders may use RCSC billiard tables located within RCSC bowling centers during the annual RCSCW Sports Pavilion and SCG summer shutdown period. The RCSC Bowling Manager will issue a letter to the RCSCW Sports Pavilion SCG Managers annually outlining the rules, policies, procedures and time period for which the approval is extended. RCSCW and SCG Cardholders will be allowed to purchase RCSC host punch cards after presenting a valid RCSCW and SCG card. Unused punches on the RCSC host punch cards will not be refundable. In order to use the RCSC Billiard facilities, RCSCW and SCG cardholders must present their card and a RCSC host punch card. A RCSC host punch card may be used by more than one person but they must be valid RCSCW cardholders. The RCSC host punch card will be punched one time for each person. This privilege is not extended to guests of RCSCW or SCG cardholders. RCSC Cardholders will have priority when billiard tables are issued and during busy times, RCSCW and SCG cardholders may be asked to discontinue play in order to issue a table to a RCSC cardholder.


The Bowling Manager will make and publish rules and regulations in the conduct, administration, care, and maintenance of the lanes and equipment to keep them in a condition in order to comply with USBC certified play. A copy of such rules and regulations will be kept in the Bowling Manager’s office and published at the Bowling Centers. The Bowling Manager will review these rules and regulations once each year or as required.


Bowling Instruction Classes are open to all RCSC Cardholders and to non-residents or non-cardholders 55 years old and older. Any person that is on a league/team can participate in Bowling Instruction Classes regardless of age.


Only approved tournaments will be allowed at RCSC Bowling Centers. The following is the criteria for tournament approval:

1. All tournaments shall be scheduled in advance and requests for such shall be submitted to the Bowling Manager. Upon request for a tournament, the Bowling Manager will verify the validity of the request.

2. Upon the request for a bid from an USBC sponsored event, the Bowling Manager shall determine if the lanes can accommodate the tournament on the requested dates and times.

3. RCSC Cardholders, non-residents and non-cardholders are allowed to participate in tournament events as long as they meet the requirements listed in the tournament rules. All tournament participants shall pay the lineage rate posted on the entry form.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution shall be posted on the RCSC website for members and shall be made available to members upon request at no cost.

Adopted and signed this 28th day of September, 2017 at a duly called Board meeting by a majority (5) of the Recreation Centers of Sun City, Inc. Board of Directors.