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Simulator in actionSouth Golf Course Offers Unique Simulator

Picture this: You find a cozy couch at the back of our South Course Pro Shop, and before you lies the greens of a famous golf tournament course you have always wanted to play.

You rise to take your place on the fairway, lift your club, and swing full force, sending your ball flying into the air toward the next hole – watching with excitement.

At the pro shop, your ball smacks upon a large white screen, and in an instant is transformed into a digital world replicating reality as it goes and goes.

The golfers at the Golf Simulator at South Golf Course need no cart – just their clubs as they swing and hit balls directly into the screen showcasing the simulated course. The technology takes it from there, estimating the distance and direction the ball would be taking based upon the hit. The high-tech system mimics the real-life game, and provides detailed feedback on a golfer’s performance, allowing the player to practice without having to be on the green. Weather conditions can even be entered, from rain to wind, to a calm day – all of which would impact the ball’s flight differently.

The Golf Simulator can be used for competitions, group events and parties, simply fun activity, or for practice and learning to golf.

“You won’t find a golf simulator just anywhere,” said Chris Linam, Golf Operations Pro Shop Manager. “This is such a great amenity to have available. Our players can use it to practice, and work on their game. They can use it to host friends, or events, birthday parties. They can bring their family – even their grandkids – and make a fun day or night of it.”

Linam and RCSC Golf Senior Leader Brian Duthu showcase the variety of simulated options there are to select from in two short videos below – from famous tournaments around the world such as the British Open and Pebble Beach, to video-game style activities for all ages. New options are always being added to the mix, Linam said.

Golf simulator image
Watch Golf Senior Leader Brian Duthu showcase how the simulator works as Chris Linam, Golf Operations Pro Shop Manager, explains how players use the resulting data to improve their game.
Golf simulator 2
In the brief video above, Golf Operations Pro Shops Manager Chris Linam explains the many options golfers of all ages and abilities can select when setting up their game.










Players of all ages come to enjoy the simulator, which is located at 11000 N. 103rd Avenue.

“As you play a hole, it updates the yards played. It replicates how in the course your swing would make the ball travel,” Duthu said. “When people use the simulator, they love it. It’s just another great amenity that we want everyone to enjoy.”

To schedule a time or learn more, contact the South Pro Shop at (623) 876-3015.