Assistant General Manager Report – August 2010

By: Jim Wellman

Oakmont Center & North Pro Shop

To provide better security and comply with swimming pool code, new gates and steel fencing was installed around the Oakmont pool/spa area. Contractor was Save-On-Fence. (Final Cost – $8,918)

Fairway Center and South, Quail Run Pro Shops

The Fairway, phase II project remains on track with all old buildings removed from the site, site grading completed and surveying underway. The next step will be digging the building footings which should commence sometime next week. Completion of the Fairway phase II project is projected to be July 2011.

The asphalt parking lot at South Pro Shop has received some recent repairs. The asphalt West of the pro shop has been replaced.The ashhalt parking lot to the East of the pro shop will be crack sealed, seal coated and restriped soon. Contractor is Regional Paving. (Cost – $34,625 )

Mountain View Center & Sun Bowl

The Mountain View pool restrooms and pool shower will be remodeled as soon as a building permit is obtained. The work will include a complete demolition of the building interior and some changes to the current floorplan. The work will also include new sheetrock ceilings & walls, lighting, floor & wall tile, HVAC systems, plumbing fixtures, toilet partitions, vanity tops, doors, fire protection equipment, vanity mirrors, swim suit water extractors, new pool showers and a re-roof of the building. Contractor for this job is Ken McIntyre Construction. (Estimated Cost – $218,851)

Lakeview / Lakeview Lanes / Viewpoint Lake

The replacement of the Ceramic Clubs vinyl composition floor tile, with an epoxy coated floor, is now completed. Contractors were Desert Rose and Spray Systems. (Cost – $12,212)

The concrete sidewalks, backboard bulkheads and irrigation system for the Lakeview Lawn Bowl greens is nearing completion. Contractor is K.L. McIntyre Construction, RCSC Golf Maintenance and Skilled Trades teams. (Approved Cost – $122,467 with $50,000 of this cost generously donated)

The deteriorated asphalt driveway to the North of the Lakeview Lawn Bowling area is being replaced. Contractor is Regional Paving. (Cost – $21,475)

Three 5-Ton heating & air conditioning units, at the Lakeview Lanes, required replacement. Contractor was Custom Cooling. (Cost – $14,700)

The awning cover at the Lakeview lawn bowl patio is being replaced as it was ripped apart during the storm of July 29, 2010. The same storm also caused damage to the awning fabric on the shade covers around the Lakeview pool which required re-lashing of the shade fabric to the structures. Repair contractor was Arizona Awning. (Cost – $2,550)

Bell Center / Bell Lanes

Phase II of the Bell chiller project is now underway. This project includes the replacement of (6) HVAC units with new air handlers tied into the new chiller system. The project also includes refurbishing the roof over the social halls and the replacement of several exhaust fans at Bell Lanes. Upon completion of this work, all club rooms, social halls and offices on the upper level at Bell Center will have new air handlers and be incorporated into the newly installed chiller system. (The only exception will be the Library, which will continue to use air cooled equipment (HVAC) since the current equipment is only 5 years old.) It is estimated that the Library will be converted to air handlers and added to the chiller system in approximately 10 years. Contractor for this project is Bel-Air Mechanical. (Cost – $217,125)

Since the RCSC has elected to increase the size of the Bell Woodshop dust collection system we are now finalizing contractor quotes and waiting on a return air re-engineering plan so this project can be re-submitted to the RCSC bid commission for approval.

Sundial Center and East/West, Riverview pro Shops

Renovation of the Lakes East/West Restrooms is now underway. The renovation work will include new sheetrock, new heating and air conditioning equipment, flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures, vanity tops and toilet partitions. While this work is taking place portable toilets and hand sanitizers will be provided. This R&M project is scheduled for a mid-October completion. Contractors include: Sunland Plumbing, Desert Rose, Valley Counter tops, Beach Toilet Accessories and the RCSC Skilled Trades staff. (Estimated Cost – $35,000)

The outdoor patio floor at the Lakes East/West Snack Shop is also being re-surfaced. Contractor is Desert Rose. (Cost – $8,230)

Skilled Trades Department

The Skilled Trades department completed 113 work orders during the month of July 2010. (This does not include other work completed such as painting, parking lot sweeping, trash hauling, fitness equipment repairs, pool repairs and various other work not entered into the RCSC work order system.)

General Centers Information

The community is taking advantage of the new children’s hours at the Lakeview pool!

According to RecTrac reports, Lakeview’s pool usage has increased 54% for the hours of 4:00pm to closing, based on 2009/2010 figures for the first 15 days of August:

2009 2010 Difference
Cardholders 348 346 (2)
Guests 24 83 59
Kids 0 144 144
Total 372 573 201