Assistant General Manager Report – August 2011

By: Jim Wellman

Fairway Center and South, Quail Run Pro Shops

The Fairway phase II project continues on budget but late in opening due to an additional pool/spa permit required by Maricopa County Planning and Development. The building itself is completed except for a few minor touch-ups. The pools and spa are once again under construction now that the RCSC has acquired the additional permit and contractors have returned to the job site. In addition to required final inspections, the following items still must be completed:

    1. Installation of walking pool and spa sail structures including support poles and sails.
    2. Pouring of the concrete decking around the pool and application of final cool deck toping on all pool and spa deck surfaces.
    3. Installation of water line tile in the pool and spa.
    4. Installation of pool/spa drain covers.
    5. Installation of final finish inside the spa and pools.
    6. Completion of chlorine and acid systems for the pool and spa.
    7. Installation of hand rails, ladders and lifts on the pools and spas.
    8. Filling of the pools and spa and balancing of chemicals.
    9. Completion of the steel fencing and gates on the North side of the pool area.
    10. Striping of the parking lot and the installation of tire blocks.
    11. Installation of new pad and artificial turf on the lawn bowling green.

Lakeview Center

Exterior painting of all remaining Lakeview Center buildings is currently being scheduled. The work will include painting all exterior areas of Lakeview Center, Lakeview Lanes and the Mini Golf building. In addition, the fabric on the shade canopies around the pool will be replaced. Contractors will be Quality Painting and Arizona Bag and Shade. (Cost – $48,937)

Bell Center / Bell Lanes

The South side of the Bell parking lot will receive repairs and a rubberized asphalt overlay very soon. Since more motorcycles and scooters are parking at the center, two more parking spaces have been designated for these vehicles. Contractor for this project will be Pinnacle Paving. (Cost – $237,000)

Sundial Center and East/West, Riverview Pro Shops

The Sundial Monument repair is now completed. Contractor for the monument repair was Ken McIntyre Construction. (Estimated Cost was $49,648 but with savings from inspections, permit fees, etc., the final cost of this repair was reduced to $41,310)

The asphalt roof on the Lakes East/West pro shop has been replaced. The roof work also required that the mechanical equipment be removed and reset in order to allow re-roofing within the HVAC enclosure. Contractors were Trades Unlimited and Custom Cooling. (Cost – $11,310)

A 10 ton Package HVAC Unit Was replaced over the Sundial auditorium. Contractor was Custom Cooling. (Cost $9,239)

The last section of drain trough was re-installed at Sundial in front of the Centers Office and West entrance to the club rooms. Contractor was K.L. McIntyre. (Cost – $6,714)

Marinette Center / WB/WC Pro

Asphalt repaving work has been completed at the Willowbrook / Willowcreek golf maintenance facility. Contractor was Pinnacle Paving. (Cost – $88,452)

Skilled Trades Department

Bob Teske was hired, as the new RCSC Project Manager, on July 25, 2011 to oversee the Skilled Trades department and the successful completion of repair and maintenance work orders and projects. Bob replaces Mel Mead who resigned his position April 29, 2011.

The Skilled Trades department completed 164 work orders during the month of July 2011. (Does not include non-work order tasks.)

Grounds/Irrigation Department

The RCSC grounds department completed a hollow tine aerification in July and a planing in August of all (6) RCSC lawn bowl greens. The Grounds / Irrigation Department also mowed and watered the RCSC ball park and Sun Bowl amphitheatre, repaired broken irrigation lines and pruned/planted trees around the recreation centers.

Clubs & Activities Office

Cardholders are encouraged to come out for a FREE fun-filled Dive-In Movie night to be held at the Bell Center swimming pools on Friday September 23, 2011. The movie starts promptly at 7PM but doors open at 6PM. The movie that night will be “Mamma Mia” starring Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Amanda Seyfried. Benny Burgers will also be on site selling hot dogs, brats, soda, chips and many other good things! One free ice cream cup, too, for all who attend.

General Centers Information

New mister systems have been installed at all (5) RCSC snack shop patios. Contractor is DB Mist Systems. (Cost – $15,000)

I would like to highlight Allen Kleinhans the RCSC Audio / Video technician in my report today. Allen began his career with the RCSC on February 2, 2004. Since that time Allen stays very busy providing audio and video support for club functions, RCSC shows at Sundial Center and the Sunbowl Amphitheatre, Board meetings, member / director meetings and other special gatherings such as the annual member orientation event held at Sundial Center. Between these events you will find Allen installing new audio, video and surveillance equipment at Fairway Center, repairing existing equipment at other RCSC locations or connecting up audio/video equipment for a dive-in movie event. Since joining the RCSC, Allen has demonstrated his desire to provide outstanding service to the RCSC organization. His audio/video knowledge is extensive and his skills and experience in the audio/video industry is quite impressive. The next time you have an opportunity, please be sure to thank Allen for his service to this organization.

The RCSC would like to remind cardholders that in late 2006 the RCSC installed 96 “thermal” solar panels on the Mt View pool to assist with heating water for the 151,000 gallon swimming pool. The solar panels at Mt. View were put online in early January 2007 and since that time have saved the RCSC 58,456 therms of natural gas or an estimated $59,520 for years 2007 – 2011. (2011 estimated) In 2006 the 96 panel thermal system was the largest in Arizona and cost the RCSC $61,984 for solar equipment and electrical upgrades. Maintenance costs on the system since that time is estimated to be $11,000 which includes a new control unit, but does not include daily oversight of the system by RCSC personnel. Since more financial assistance is now being offered to non-profit organizations, by APS and 3rd party investors, the RCSC would like to inform its cardholders that they are once again looking into the feasibility of adding additional solar equipment to designated facilities, including Thermal Solar for heating water and Photovoltaic Solar for generating electricity. In addition, the RCSC will continue its efforts to conserve energy and water through the use of water saving devices, continued improved operation of existing solar equipment, continued building, parking lot and sport court lighting upgrades, installation of solar blankets on all outdoor pools and working with APS through the APS Peak Solutions Program to further reduce energy and receive the monetary incentives paid by APS to the RCSC.