Assistant General Manager Report – January 2011

By: Jim Wellman

Fairway Center and South, Quail Run Pro Shops

The Fairway Phase II project remains on schedule with work under way as follows:

    1. The masons are laying block and are at or nearing the top of the walls on the majority of the building.
    2. Iron workers have installed most of the decking for the ramp. Stairway steel has been received and installation is underway on the East stairway of phase 2.
    3. The concrete contractor has poured the pool equipment pads.
    4. The framer is working in the south half of the building on the first floor. They are framing exterior walls first then will move to partition walls.
    5. The electrician, plumber and fire sprinkler contractors are doing their rough-in work in the south half of the building on the first floor.
    6. The HVAC contractor has begun his rough-in work in the south half of the building on the first floor.

Completion of the Fairway phase II project is scheduled for July 2011.

The driveway into the South Golf maintenance facility has been replaced with a new concrete driveway and concrete garbage collection area. Contractor was Ken McIntyre Construction (Cost – $66,751)

Oakmont Center / North Pro Shop

New porcelain floor tile is being installed in the Oakmont lawn bowl clubhouse. Contractor is Carpet Corner. (Total cost for this project has been generously donated.)

Mountain View Center & Sun Bowl

Renovation of the Mountain View pool restrooms and showers continues on schedule with installation of the stud walls, rough in plumbing, roofing work and the outdoor pool shower drain pad. Contractors for this project include Trades Unlimited, Custom Cooling and Ken McIntyre Construction. (Cost – $218,851)

Lakeview / Lakeview Lanes / Viewpoint Lake

Replacement of roofing material on the lower Lakeview Center roof is finally completed and the Lakeview pool has been re-opened to cardholders and their guests. Unfortunately the project suffered some rain delays which extended the originally projected completion date. Contractor was Stark Weather Roofing. (Cost – $130,862) (Up from $107,841 as asbestos testing and monitoring costs are now included.)

While the lower roof at Lakeview Center was being replaced seven heating / air conditioning units (HVAC) were also replaced. Contractor was Custom Cooling. (Cost – $40,685) ($2,000 contingency now included.)

Bell Center / Bell Lanes

The Bell chiller project (Phase II) is nearing completion. Contractor for this project is Bel-Air Mechanical. (Cost – $217,125)

As the Bell chiller system nears completion the Bell social halls will be re-roofed. The contractor is Trades Unlimited. (Cost – $10,186)

The installation of the new Bell woodshop dust collection system is nearing completion. The unit is now operating but the installation of a sound attenuator, system testing & balancing and final inspection by Maricopa County Planning and Development is still required before project completion. At the Member / Director Exchange held on Monday December 6, 2010, a comment was made that justification for the increased project cost had never been reported. After the meeting I returned to my office and located this comment included in the April and May 2010 Building and Infrastructure reports: “During the engineering process it was determined that if the woodshop was ever expanded, the current collection unit sized for the shop would not be large enough. This being the case we are currently getting quotes for the installation of a larger unit so future dust collection issues will not present themselves.” I believe this comment satisfactorily answers the question as to why the project cost increased. Since that time the project has required a sealed lid for the dumpster and air line work for the blow down feature. This has added another $10,000 to the cost of the project. Contractors are Air-Energy for the dust collection unit, Ken McIntyre Construction for the equipment building and ducting, and Accel Electric for the electrical work. (Project Cost – $179,094)

Sundial Center and East/West, Riverview Pro Shops

To improve acoustics in the Sundial Arts & Craft club room carpeting has now been installed. Contractor is Resource of Arizona. (Cost – $4,445)

A 15-ton air conditioning / heating unit (HVAC) is being replaced over the camera guild club at Sundial. Contractor is Custom Cooling. (Cost – $12,402)

Complete exterior painting of Sundial Center is nearing completion. Contractor is Quality Painting. (Cost – $46,524)

Marinette Center / WB/WC Pro

Replacement of the roofing material on all buildings at Marinette Center is now completed. Previously reported cost was $73,558 however, the flat roof portion of Riverview Pro Shop was also added to this project making the combined project total $89,235. Contractor for both projects was Trades Unlimited.

Skilled Trades Department

The Skilled Trades department completed 103 work orders during the month of December 2010. The Skilled Trades team completed a total of 1,389 work orders in 2010. (Does not include non-work order tasks.)

General Centers Information

A “What’s Working What’s Not” meeting is currently scheduled for 1pm, Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at Sundial Center’s East Hall.