Assistant General Manager Report – October 2010

By: Jim Wellman

Oakmont Center & North Pro Shop

To improve filter flow rate and water quality, the Oakmont pool filters were replaced with commercial sized units. Contractor was Jasper Clear Pool. (Cost – $4,352)

Fairway Center and South, Quail Run Pro Shops

Fairway Phase 2 project remains on schedule with continued wall block installation and the shower room sub-grade plumbing and utility rough-in work. The new water retention basin has received final grading and the required dry wells, irrigation and sod installation are presently under way for this area. Completion of the Fairway Phase 2 project is scheduled for July 2011.

The asphalt parking lot at South Pro Shop is now completed having received repairs including replacement of the asphalt and re-striping West of the pro shop and crack sealing, seal coating and re-striping on the East side of the lot. Contractor is Regional Paving. (Cost – $34,625 )

Mountain View Center & Sun Bowl

The Mountain View pool restrooms and the outdoor pool shower will be remodeled as soon as a building permit is obtained. The work will include a complete demolition of the building interior, some changes to the current floorplan, a new roof and a outdoor shower pole. Contractors for this project include Trades Unlimited, Custom Cooling and Ken McIntyre Construction. (Cost – $218,851)

Lakeview / Lakeview Lanes / Viewpoint LakeThe Lakeview boardroom will receive some painting and carpeting soon. Carpeting contractor is Resource of Arizona. Painting work will be completed by the RCSC skilled Trades department. (Estimated Cost for Carpeting – $2,879)

Bell Center / Bell Lanes

Completion of the Bell chiller project (Phase 2) is on hold until the delivery of the new air handlers. The project should resume in mid November and be completed sometime in December 2010. Contractor for this project is Bel-Air Mechanical. (Cost – $217,125)

The East side of the Bell parking lot has received repairs and rubberized asphalt overlay surface. Since more motorcycles and scooters are now parking at the center, three parking spaces have been designated for these vehicles. The remaining Bell lot to the South (Phase II) will be completed in 2011 provided the project receives final budget approval. Contractor for phase I of this project was Regional Paving. (Cost – $192,000)

Now that we have finally received a building permit and re-engineering work, the new Bell woodshop dust collection system is being installed. Since this project requires a building for the dust collection equipment and an electrical interlock upgrade to ensure no stationary tools can be operated without the dust collector running, it was awarded to three contractors. Air-Energy for the dust collection unit, Ken McIntyre Construction for the equipment building and ducting, and Accel Electric for the electrical work. (Project Cost – $169,094)

Sundial Center and East/West, Riverview pro Shops

Renovation of the Lakes East/West Restrooms is now completed. Contractors included Sunland Plumbing, Desert Rose, Valley Counter Tops, Beach Toilet Accessories and the RCSC Skilled Trades staff. (Estimated Cost – $35,000) Due to scheduling difficulties the re-surfacing of the patio floor at Lakes East / West snack shop is being postponed until 2011.

To improve acoustics in the Sundial Arts & Craft club room, new carpeting is being installed. Contractor is Resource of Arizona. (Cost – $4,445)

The outdoor patio floor at the Lakes East/West Snack Shop is also being re-surfaced. Contractor is Desert Rose. (Cost – $8,230)

Marinette Center / WB/WC Pro

The Marinette spa decking tile is currently scheduled for replacement as soon as a permit can be obtained from the Maricopa County Health Department. Contractor is Carpet Corner. (Cost – $5,900 + Permit Fee)

Skilled Trades Department

The Skilled Trades department completed 160 work orders during the month of September 2010. (This does not include non-work order tasks completed by this team.)

General Centers Information

“What’s Working What’s Not” meetings were held on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 1pm in the Fairway Center Arizona rooms 1&2 and Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 1pm in the Bell Multi-Use rooms. Attendees at each meeting agreed that these meetings are very informative and enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions and share their concerns. The next “What’s Working What’s Not” meeting will be held Wednesday, December 8, 2010 at 1pm in the West Hall at Sundial Center.