Changes to Daily Tee Time Allocation Process to Start on April 1

Changes are coming to the daily tee time draw process at each of the RCSC golf courses. Replacing the current manual poker chip draw process for assigning the priority queue for requests will be an online request and allocation process through the RCSC Web Portal. Much of the same function of tee time requests is the basis for the online request process with a few critical changes. Most notably these are the ability to requests times for any number of golf courses and the elimination of the onsite draw process.

When making tee time requests, Cardholders will identify key preferences including course or time priority, tee time requested, desired range of time, and course. Course preference may be individual, a number of courses, by course type such as Regulation, or all courses. Cardholders will indicate the players in the tee time request and may link up to 10 tee times together for a group of players. Allocation parameters will keep groups of three tee times together in adjacent tee times on the same starting tee while groups of four or more tee times will be placed in adjacent tee times on front and back starting tees for courses with a crossover tee sheet assigned. Cardholders may select whether to allow a group of linked tee times to be split and assigned non-contiguous times to increase the likelihood of placement. System parameters indicate the maximum amount of time allowed between the first and last starting tee times in a split group so that the group of tee times ends play as close as possible.

Small Group Bookings meeting the minimum player count of 30 may be placed on the tee sheet ahead of the automated allocation process through the Golf Administrative Offices at Riverview and paying the $2 per player booking fee. Groups not pre-booking tee times are subject to availability and placement through the automated tee time allocation process. Individual and group tee time requests are prioritized equally when determining the assignment of tee times through the automated process.

Cardholders may make requests for tee times starting seven (7) days before the day of the draw with the deadline for online requests closing at midnight the day before the draw. An online submitted request may be changed up to the deadline. A player may be in only one tee time request for any day of play. Inclusion of a Cardholder in a second tee time request will result in an error message requiring a change to be made before the request may be submitted. At the completion of the automated assignment of tee times, players will be notified of the assigned tee time via email. This automated process will conclude prior to the opening of the pro shop each day with tee times for the allocated day being open for booking through the pro shops and RCSC Web Portal at the same time.

The automated system provides the ability to lower the priority of a tee time request, whether an individual tee time or group of linked tee times, for negative player history such as no shows or cancellation of automated tee time assignments. This lowered priority may result in the assignment of a less desirable tee time or no tee time depending upon the volume of requests for the date of play and availability.

Online automated tee time allocations will begin on April 1, 2020 for all RCSC golf courses. As of this date, onsite draw processes will no longer take place at any RCSC golf courses. On Wednesday, April 1, online requests for draw dates from April 2 through April 8 (for days of play from April 7 through April 13), will be available. Due to the shortened online window for tee time requests, paper request forms will be available in each pro shop starting on Wednesday, March 25 to request tee times for draw days April 1 through April 8. As of April 1, it is recommended that RCSC Cardholders make tee time requests through the RCSC Web Portal but for those unable to use this method, paper request forms will be available at each pro shop. Paper request forms must be submitted to a pro shop by 12:00pm the day before the date of the draw.

Again, starting on April 1, RCSC will no longer be holding draws onsite at each pro shop.