Lakes West Golf Course Watering Strategy


RCSC is currently relining Viewpoint Lake, the normal source of water for irrigation of the Lakes West golf course. During the lake relining project, Viewpoint Lake was drained, and golf staff have been drawing water to irrigate Lakes West from the recently expanded pond between holes #3 and #8.  In the summer months, roughly one million gallons of water per day are normally drawn from Viewpoint Lake to irrigate the Lakes West course.  The expanded pond currently supplying irrigation water to Lakes West can hold roughly 600,000 gallons of water.

Area Golf Course Superintendent Chuck Hyppa says that his staff are working diligently to use this limited amount of water while Viewpoint Lake is empty.  It is a challenge that has led to some dry areas on the course, however Hyppa and his staff have worked strategically to use the 600,000 gallons available for the best possible results.  “We have priority areas such as greens, tees, and fairways on which we allocate most of the water to prevent the loss of our most playable surfaces,” Hyppa said. “The team has also made responsible adjustments and put countless hours into daily hand watering, use of wetting agents to increase water stability in the root zone and decreases in mowing frequency to help mitigate the problem.”

Hyppa praised golfers for their patience during the process, and said it is about to pay off. “The comments and concerns of our members have my full attention, and it is important to me to reach out and explain the process and what to expect next,” he said.  “Over the past two weeks, I have seen the moisture in the fairways and roughs increase by 20%.  I use a soil moisture probe that sends direct feedback to my phone, which allows me to make immediate changes necessary to the nightly watering programs.  This technology is very beneficial at a time like this.”

“My staff is highly skilled when it comes to watering the golf course, and we use moisture sensors to be as efficient as possible,” Hyppa continued. “This recent increase in moisture means we have turned a corner from the bone-dry conditions we have experienced, and we are heading in the right direction towards reviving the Bermuda grass.  As we continue into July and hit our peak summer temperatures, you can be assured the team will be out there doing anything and everything we can to get Lakes West back into the spotlight in a positive way.”

RCSC staff are optimistic that the Viewpoint Lake relining project will be complete in early August, and refilling of Viewpoint Lake could be complete by the end of September.  Hyppa asked golfers for their continued patience, with the promise that his team will continue their diligent work maintaining the golf course. “Personally, I am deeply rooted in resiliency, and I have an incredible love and passion for not only Golf Course Management but for the entire Sun City community.  I assure you; our worst is behind us, and our best is in front of us.  Here’s to your next round of golf being kinder to your handicap as well as my hard-working team that show up each day to be difference makers.  I wish you all a safe, happy, and healthy summer,” Hyppa said.

BELOW: For reference purposes, the photo below shows the Golf Course Pond currently being utilized for watering at Lakes West versus Viewpoint Lake which is currently under renovation.