Lottery Tee Time Reservation Trial Coming in March


Beginning in March, the Golf Division will be running a trial (as approved at the January 2023 Golf Advisory Meeting), attempting to reduce the number of reservations failing to get a tee time through the lottery system.

For the month of March, we will be running straight sheets only, with a few exceptions.  Ladies and Men playing on Tuesday and Wednesday will continue to choose the tee sheet format they prefer on their respective days of play.  In addition, there are two roaming Ladies Team play events that will also play crossover tee sheets (March 2 and March 11).

The time frame of 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. is the most requested through the lottery process and by running straight sheets there will be more times available during this time frame, as there will be no courses closed for crossovers.  We will be keeping track of the “bump rate” of unsuccessful requests for March 2023 and compare the 2023 rate to unsuccessful requests in March of 2022.

We will report the results of the trial at the April 2023 Golf Advisory meeting.

In the meanwhile, here are some Golf Lottery Tips for Success that may help!

We look forward to improving this process going forward for all. Your patience, cooperation and comments/input are always appreciated!