Management Report – April 2024



The Recreation Centers of Sun City, Inc. (RCSC) ended March within its operating and capital budget year to date. All Divisions except Bowling and Food & Beverage have met or exceeded their net operating budget projections year to date.  Bowling was ($14.8k) unfavorable to budget due to the timing of the purchase of $17.0k worth of bowling pins budgeted in the month of May.  Food & Beverage was ($23.3k) unfavorable due to Building and Equipment Repair ($18.7k) unfavorable to budget. Operating Income for March totaled $2,848k and was ($8.8k) unfavorable to budget due to Cardholder and Public Daily Greens Fees being below budget by ($11.1k) and ($8.9k) respectively.  Operating expenses for the month were $2,054k and ($66.5k) unfavorable to budget due primarily to Building Repair expenses being ($42.2k) unfavorable to budget.  Year to date Net Operating Excess was $2,017.5k and favorable to budget by $513.2k (25.4%).  This favorable year to date Operating Excess was due to Wages and Benefits being favorable to budget by $298.9k, Projects being $103.7 favorable to budget due to the timing of project completion, and General Operating Expenses being favorable by $226.4 due to the timing of Furniture and Equipment purchases.

Cardholder Services:

Payments on past due assessments in March were 13.3% of past due balances.  Overall accounts receivable increased in March by 5.1% and are up 3.2% from the end of 2023.  Overall accounts receivable for past due balances increased in March by 0.8%.   February assessments went 30 days past due at a rate of 6.0% and January assessments went 60 days past due at a rate of 3.5%.

Payments from third-party collections firms totaled $25,443 in March and totaled $61,155 year to date.  March payments made through the online Web Portal totaled $309,144 from 562 property owners.  Year to date online portal payments total $779,847 from 1,421 property owners.

In March, property transfer balances increased by 2.6%.  Outstanding balances related to property transfers represent 52% of all receivables and 52% of past due balances.  March trustee sale notices on Sun City AZ properties remained at 25, and properties owned by lending institutions decreased to 1.




In March, the new Purchasing department continued to bring existing vendors under formal Master Service Agreements, and at month-end had executed 14 of the 15 agreements drafted to date.   Purchasing has executed a new service agreement for maintenance of Viewpoint Lake water quality and is coordinating the evaluation of responses to the RFP for the new RCSC Website.  The department is working with Human Resources to develop a job description / posting for a contract specialist position at RCSC.


In March, the Safety and Compliance Department partnered with Cardholder Services to provide a one-stop distribution point for tokens that provide access to Oakmont, Duffeeland Dog Park, and several clubs.  More locations will be coming online in the future.  Safety is conducting first aid classes throughout the month of April for RCSC employees, board members, committees, club officers and club monitors.  Final adjustments on the member/cardholder engagement platform (replacing paper comment cards) are being made along with communication and staff straining. Be on the lookout for the announcement of this new way to communicate with RCSC.

Comment Cards responded to in March: 138.  Year-to-Date: 667.

Incident Reports investigated in March: 44.  Year-to-Date: 112.

Human Resources:

Human Resources opened 10 requisitions during the month of March and filled 14 requisitions, ending the month with 4 open positions.  Year-to-date, HR has opened 41 requisitions and filled 42 open positions.  The time-to fill requisition KPI in March was 5.7 days.



In March of 2024, Bowling lineage totaled 35,451, compared to 37,859 in March of 2023, a decrease of 6%. Year to date lineage through March 2024 totaled 103,662 lines, compared to 103,869 through March 2023, a decrease of 207 games.



Bowling Revenue in March 2024 totaled $99,1804 which was 3% lower than the March 2023 revenue of $103,380. Year to date, 2024 Bowling revenue is $293,112, or 3% greater than the total revenue through March of 2023.

Reporting changes of league play payments went into effect in March. Prior payments for the entire season were calculated in the month received, revenues should balance out with the May report.




Sunday nights at Sun Bowl ran through April. Weather cooperated, only having to move one show.  The shows at Sun Bowl will once again begin in September.  The Activities department is working on adding new events throughout the summer. Look for details soon to come.


The Welcome Center had 801 guests come in the doors in March. We are continuing to collect data from these individuals to analyze and use for member benefit.  In March the most visitors that completed the survey were between the ages of 60-69.  72% heard about Sun City from family and friends.  The most popular activities of interest were fitness, golf, and swimming.  The Communications group has undergone a few changes lately. With the addition of the Clubs/Activities/Communications Leader, we feel this will bring the group together as a team.


The peak season is here at the recreation centers in Sun City.  March has been the busiest month so far this year. There were almost 12,000 more visits to the centers compared to February, and over 19,500 more visits to the centers compared to January.  The nice weather this month resulted in over 1000 more visits to Hillside Park compared to last month.  There were over 7,000 more visits to the pools last month.  Lakeview and Mountain View had many more visits to the pools than previous months.





In Process:

Mountain View Rec Center Phases 1 and 2 (PIF) 

  • RFP for architectural design services was released to four firms, 03/28/24

Sun Bowl Softball Field Improvements (PIF)  Status: Green

  • Budget: $1.38M. Total Cost to date: $612,363
  • Project commenced 11/27/23
  • Contractor is Robert E Porter Construction
  • Expected project duration ~ 6 months ~Mike Wiprud

Recently Completed:

Bell Recreation Center

  • Miniature golf course check-in booth new windows completed on March 22 at a cost of $ 16,751. Vendors:  Jocoran (glass) and Roll-a-shield (installed new shields).
  • Replacement of miniature golf course synthetic turf (18-holes) completed on April 9 at a cost of $ 55,500. Contractors:  Baker Bros. and Exquisite Painting Co.

Lakeview Recreation Center

  • Replacement of (6) column roof drains on exterior of the facility completed on March 29 at a cost of $ 75,000. Contractor:  KL Mcintyre General contractor.
  • Replaced Fire Sprinkler heads completed on March 20 at a cost of $ 17,740. Contractor:  Pyroguard Alarms

Sun Dial Recreation Center

  • Lobby area auditorium lights replaced. Project was completed on March 29 at a cost of $ 6,900.  Contractor:   Accel Electric

Marinette Recreation Center

  • Installed ADA accessible double doors going from the Exercise/Fitness workout room to the Pickleball Courts area. Project was completed on March 19 at a cost of $ 11,247.  Vendors:  Quality Lock and Accel Electric

Mountain View Recreation Center

  • Completed Pool Equipment Metal Shade structure. Project was completed on March 14 at a cost of $ 45,568.  Contractors:  Sunland Plumbing, Copper King Electric and Tri-C Construction
  • Miniature Golf Course artificial grass (18-holes) replacement. Project was completed March 28 at a cost of $ 58,620. Vendors:  Baker Bros., Sunland Plumbing & Exquisite Painting.
  • Completed 10-year safety check / test for sprinkler heads in facility. Project was completed on March 14 at a cost of $ 1,200.   Vendor:  Pyroguard Alarms

Willow Trades Office Building/Golf Maintenace Yard

  • Completed Willow maintenance yard metal shade awning replacement with LED lighting. Project was completed on April 1 at a cost of $ 22,701.  Contractor:  Tri C Construction.

WORK ORDERS (Skilled Trades, Repair and Maintenance):

  • The Facilities Department had 157 open work orders as of April 1 and completed 351 work orders in March. The average time to close a work order in March was 13.9 days.  The Facilities Department has completed 1,334 work orders as of April 1.  ~ Walt Bratton





Lawn Bowls – Green speeds range from a low of 12.0 seconds at Mountain View to a high of 13.5 seconds at Bell South. Moisture readings range from a low of 8.3 at Oakmont to a high of 12.0 at Mountain View. Mowing twice a week, rolling three times a week, cleaning ditches three times a week. We aerify and fertilize all greens. We will start verticutting soon.

Grounds – We mow the softball field twice a week. We grade the infield four times a week. Getting ready to do our summer maintenance program. Trimming brushes around the centers spraying weeds. Lakeview and Sunbowl are mowed once a week. Putting rocks around Mountain View mini golf. Pulling brushes out at Marinette between pickle ball courts. The crew has been busy removing the deadwood and cleaning up the bushes around the RCSC property and removing the husks from the palm trees. ~ Scott Jones


IT Support Requests:


Tickets:  The number is staying steady; however, the staff is providing training which aids in keeping the ticket numbers down. Our two Support Specialists, although still learning, they take 80% of the Helpdesk Tickets, and equipment deployments.

The Infrastructure Project first phase migration to new TEG Server has now been completed, we are estimating the end of April, first part of May for completion of the Migration to new Server environment.  While working on this major project our team has also been working on other projects like ADT, all of the Club office move, Accounting, Center Supervisor, Kiosks moves and setups.

WIFI:  We continue to work through the WIFI project. Updating of the telephone system was approved the first week of April. The Bell Recreation Center re-wiring project began April 8th.

Major Accomplishments/Progress for Month:

  • IT is negotiating with Cox, and Cox has agreed to wave over $350,000 in build cost to install Fiber to all Rec-Centers, and Pro-shops. Estimated time to install September 2024
  • Oakmont:
    • Rewire 95% complete.
    • Clubs office move to Oakmont complete.
    • SDWAN, has been installed at Oakmont
  • Accounting office move to temporary location, and then move to permanent location.
  • Kiosks for Fairway, Bell and Card holder services are built, waiting for tables for equipment installation.
  • Sundial Cabling for HVAC units.
  • All VM’s have been built, and migration of Data has been planned. Will be finished by May. This is moving 40TB of data, moving remaining apps to new VM’s and locations.
  • Install and replace all networking equipment within RCSC, 50% complete, will be complete by October.
  • Over 130 PC/Laptops have been replaced, about 20 more to do.
  • We had 130 printers at peak, we are down to 50, and have about 10 more to replace.
  • Working with Cox, on adding two Fiber connections to all rec-centers, and golf courses. This is another big project, that will be the foundation for RCSC to build upon.
  • Bell rewire project was approved, and start date was April 8th. This is to replace all the cabling at bell, adding additional connections for WIFI, and mini golf, who uses a radio wave to connect, very hit and miss connections.

Other accomplishments:

  • We now have a full staff, with our two new Support Specialists coming on board, they are being trained in our environment.
  • We have about three dozen employees in the new Network environment at LV, Clubs, and Facilities.
  • Inventories complete again.
  • Built, over 20 PC’s/Laptops in March, FA’s, Head Starters, Board Members, new staff etc. ~Randy Bird


Pro Shops:



pic-11 rounds

  • 68% of total rounds played by Annual (Resident) No Fee Passholders YTD
  • 29% of total rounds played by Annual Surcharge Passholders YTD
  • 57% of total rounds played by Resident Cardholders YTD
  • 09% of total rounds played by Annual (Non-Resident) Passholders YTD
  • 62% of total rounds played by Public Golfers YTD
  • 74% of total rounds played by Guests
  • 01% of total rounds played by Staff

The bump rate (those golfers requesting a tee time through the lottery that were unsuccessful), followed the pattern of the first two months and improved over prior year.  For the month there was an increase in the number of requests of 1,770 (17,700 in 2023 versus 19,470 in 2024), however the number of golfers bumped dropped by 415 (1,913 in 2023 versus 1,498 in 2024).  Overall, our bump rate was 7.69% for the month. We now have 42 Rangers on the courses, and we have a Lead Ranger. More individuals are becoming interested in the Ranger Program.


Snack Shops:


Superintendent Update (Chuck Hyppa – Area Superintendent):

It finally feels as though Winter is behind us.  Temperatures are reaching the mid to high 80’s with 90’s on the horizon.  This alone will promote Bermudagrass green up as well as heat stress to the Winter Ryegrass.  We will remain diligent in our efforts to have a smooth transition.  By the first part of May, we will have made our 2nd application of Dimension, our pre-emergent Herbicide, to help eradicate the encroachment of Goose and Crabgrass.  This should also have some strength to keep the Nutsedge at bay.

You will begin seeing the aerators out in the roughs really trying to decrease the compaction and promote healthy Bermudagrass growth.  This will be ongoing throughout the summer months.  We will be making a very important Spring fertilizer application to the courses in early May.  This will jump start the lateral growth of the Bermudagrass as the Ryegrass is in a weakened state.  After all the rains we had in the first quarter of the year it is paramount that we capitalize on a strong Summer growing season.

The Poa that we see in the roughs is simply a breakthrough after all the rains, however each Superintendent is treating their respective courses to alleviate this issue.  As the temps increase the Poa will begin to go away very similar to the Ryegrass.  We appreciate your continued support of RCSC Golf.