Opening of Lakes West delayed one week

Attention Golfers:

We have made the decision to delay the opening of Lakes West by one week, though the project was completed on time.  The timeline for overseeding was aggressive, the aggressiveness was necessary to ensure normal course conditions for the Pink Ribbon events being held at Willowcreek, North and Quail, the first part of October.  The extra week will allow additional growth in the areas that were completed last.  Lakes West will now open October 27 and will be cart path only until November 12.

We would like to remind everyone there will continue to be areas at Lakes West that will provide less than ideal conditions throughout the winter.  The most affected areas will be holes 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9, as these areas will have had the least amount of time to recover.  You can expect a set of local rules to be developed for these areas.  Any periods of heavy rain throughout the winter may result in cart path restrictions in rough areas.

We thank everyone in advance for your patience and understanding.  Please direct any questions to Brian Duthu, Director of Golf, at 623-876-3053 or