Board Announces Committee Assignments & Liaison Appointments for 2024


The RCSC Board of Directors have announced the committee assignments and liaison appointments for 2024 as follows:

2024 Committee Assignments

Board Commissions (*Only Directors serve on commissions)

  • Bid Review & Approval: Preston Kise, Jim Rough, Connie Jo Richtmyre, Kat Fimmel
  • Investment Review & Approval: Jim Rough, Anita Borski, Karen McAdam, Kat Fimmel
  • Sun City Foundation: Anita Borski, Kat Fimmel

Liaison Appointments:

  • Sun City Community Assistance Network – Anita Borski
  • Sun City Fire Department – Preston Kise
  • Sun City Home Owners Association – Kat Fimmel
  • SCHOA Roads/Safety – Jean Totten
  • Friends of Sun City Libraries – Jean Totten
  • Sun Cities Historical Museum – John Fast
  • Sun City Posse – Steve Collins

The next meeting will be the monthly Board Meeting on Thursday, January 25, 2024 at 9:00a.m. in the Sundial Auditorium. Information about upcoming board meetings, agendas and committee summaries is always available on the RCSC website at

RCSC Members/Cardholders are encouraged to attend Board and committee meetings. Video recordings of both the monthly Exchange (typically the 2nd Monday of each month) and RCSC Board meetings (typically the last Thursday of each month) are posted and available for viewing on the Sun City AZ YouTube website.