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RCSC Board Policy Resolution No. 17

Golf (PDF)

WHEREAS Article V, Section 6.3 of the Corporate Bylaws empowers the Board of Directors (“Board” or “Directors”) of the Recreation Centers of Sun City, Inc. (“RCSC” or “Corporation”) to adopt Policies (“BP” or “Policies”)  not in conflict with the Restated Articles of Incorporation (“Articles”) or the Corporate Bylaws (“Bylaws”).

WHEREAS the Articles and Bylaws shall take precedence over Board Policies and the definitions in the Bylaws shall apply. The following Board Policy  shall provide instruction, direction and guidelines regarding Golf shall remain in effect until such time it is amended or removed by the Board.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED the Corporation shall adhere to the following policies regarding Golf

General Golf Rules & Regulations

All guests 18 years of age and younger must be accompanied by an adult (19 years of age or older). Children under 8 years of age are not permitted to play the courses or use the practice facilities.  Children 8 years of age and older are permitted on all driving ranges and practice facilities, and may play the Executive Courses after 1:00pm seven days a week. Children 12 years of age and older are permitted to use all courses and practice facilities.  During the period of April 1 through October 31, organized junior golf events may be booked for participants ages five and older. Such events must be organized by a recognized local, state or national organization, be highly supervised and follow established guidelines for booking events. A Cardholder is not required to play with an adult guest 19 years of age or older, but the Cardholder must be in good standing and send his/her valid and current RCSC card with the guest to sign in for play.

  1. All RCSC Member and Privilege Cardholders (hereinafter referred to as “Cardholders”), in good standing, and their invited guests may use RCSC golf facilities for a reduced rate by presenting a Member or Privilege card. All players and their guests must check in with RCSC personnel at the pro shop prior to entering the course and at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled tee time. After 5 pm when the pro shops are closed, All Course No Fee Golf Permits and After 5 Golf Cardholders are allowed to play without checking in with RCSC personnel.
  2. Men must wear shirts with sleeves; women cannot wear halters or bra-type tops. Bare feet are not allowed and metal spikes and turf-type athletic shoes are not permitted. Shorts must be hemmed; short-shorts, cut-off shorts and bathing or swimming attire is not permitted.
  3. Cardholders and their invited guests shall follow golf etiquette rules common to the game of golf. The Director of Golf, or his/her designee, shall have the authority to enact and enforce any administrative rule or policy which contributes to good golf etiquette; speeds up play; and/or protects the safety of the golfers or spectators. Such rules may be posted in the pro shops and/or on the golf course and/or on the scorecard.
  4. For safety reasons, no more than two people and two golf bags are permitted on the cart. The driver must have a valid driver’s license. There should be no more than five carts for any group and a maximum of four players on executive courses. During periods of normal operation, riders in rental carts will be required to ride two persons per cart when possible. At the discretion of the Director of Golf, fivesomes may be allowed on executive courses during periods when other courses are closed. Motorized carts must be kept at least 30 feet from the greens and parked on the path while putting. It is permissible to park off the path around tee boxes for the purpose of seeking shade. Carts should stay on the paths or in the “rough” as much as possible. Special attention should be given to avoid leaving the path in areas where the grass is wet or worn. When it is necessary to leave the path, the 90-degree rule should be followed. This means staying on the path until opposite your ball, driving straight to it, and straight back after hitting. All pull carts must remain in the highest cut of grass around greens and tee boxes. Handicap golf permits are available at the Golf Administrative Office at the Riverview Pro Shop. Rules may differ for golfers who have a handicap golf permit.  Handicap golf rules will be disbursed at the same time the permit is issued.
  5. Non-golfers are not allowed on the course, including cart paths, during golfing hours, excluding a rider who must remain in the golf cart at all times. Golfing hours are defined as beginning at the first tee time until sunset. Organized events may allow spectators at the discretion of the Director of Golf.
  6. Except for bicycles specifically manufactured for golf course use and approved by the Director of Golf, bicycles are not allowed on the golf course, including cart paths, during golfing hours, defined as beginning at the first tee time until sunset.
  7. Practicing is not allowed on the course at any time; use practice facilities for this purpose. Range baskets are not permitted outside of practice facilities.
  8. Renewal of annual golf permits/passes can be done prior to the expiration date, however, if the card is due to expire after such time that there is an increase in the fee for an annual golf permit/pass, the renewal will be done at the new increased rate or at an earlier date. If annual property assessments are not current, annual golf permits/passes will not be honored.
  9. The Recreation Centers of Sun City has established the following guidelines for tires used on our eight (8) golf courses:

a. Tires used on the vehicle must be referred to as a golf course tire by the manufacturer

b. Tires must have a rounded vertical tread with a depth not to exceed ¼ inch

c. Tire width must be minimum of eight (8) inches

d. The pressure of the tire must not exceed 28 PSI

Golf Refunds

  1. Annual Golf Passes/Permits

a. IN THE EVENT OF DEATH, to receive a pro-rata refund, an application for refund must be filed within three (3) years from the date of death. A death certificate must be presented at the time the application for a refund is submitted.  To receive a refund, the Annual Golf Pass/Permit card must be returned.  Refunds will be prorated from the date of death to the expiration date of the Annual Golf Pass/Permit.  No extensions can be made on Annual Golf Passes/Permits.

b. IN THE EVENT OF MEDICAL REASONS, if within 90 days of the purchase of an annual golf pass/permit the pass/permit holder becomes unable to golf due to medical reasons, which are validated in writing by a medical doctor, the pass/permit holder will be eligible for a 50% refund of their annual golf pass/permit. To receive a refund, the Annual Golf Pass/Permit card must be returned.

Excluding the aforementioned, no other refunds will be issued for any reason for Annual Golf Passes/Permits.

  1. Green Fees

a. IN THE EVENT OF RAIN OR A DEEMED REFUND EVENT BY THE DIRECTOR OF GOLF OR PRO SHOP MANAGER, rain checks for green fees may be issued as follows:

i. Four holes or less played – rain check for 100% of the green fee paid

ii. Five to thirteen holes played – rain check for 50% of the green fee paid

iii. Fourteen or more holes played – considered full round, no rain check issued

Excluding the aforementioned, no other refunds will be issued for any reason for green fees.

Enforcement of Rules and Regulations

In an effort to enforce any and all rules and regulations and provide a conducive and consistent flow on RCSC golf courses, a volunteer group of Golf Rangers has been formed, under the overall direction of the Pro Shop Manager. The Board of Directors authorizes individuals functioning under the volunteer RCSC Golf Ranger Program to assess fines, report incidents, and suggest lengths of suspensions, when applicable.  The Pro Shop Manager shall advise the Director of Golf as to the status, process and progress of the program. Volunteer Golf Rangers must have completed the training program prior to being assigned shifts on any RCSC golf courses.

Each golf course shall have a volunteer Golf Ranger Program Captain appointment by the Green Committee. The Golf Ranger Program Captain shall schedule the volunteer Golf Rangers and shall provide guidance in ensuring they meet their responsibilities of enforcing any and all rules and regulations, as well as providing for a conducive and consistent flow on RCSC golf courses, under the overall direction of the Pro Shop Manager. A volunteer Golf Ranger is given the authority to remove any golfer from any RCSC golf course, without recourse or refund, for refusing to adhere to any and all rules and regulations. Actions required may include contacting the Maricopa County Sherriff’s Office to have the offender removed from RCSC Facilities.

Golf Rangers must meet a 32 hour per month requirement for golf privileges. Golf Rangers will be provided 4 vouchers if the 32 hours minimum is met for the month. Each voucher entitles the Golf Ranger to the seasonal surcharge rate per round (18-holes) of golf. Additional vouchers will be earned for each 8 hour increment over 32 hours. Golf Rangers have the option to earn credits towards an annual golf pass. A $5.00 credit toward an Annual Golf Pass or Surcharge Pass will be awarded for every 4 hours if a minimum of 32 hours is met for the month. Golf Rangers will be reimbursed for each hour their personal golf carts are used to ranger. The rate of reimbursement is $1.00 per hour and $1.50 per hours when the average price of gas is over $3.00 for the month served. The AAA average price of gas for the Peoria AZ area will be used to determine the average price of gas.

Fines & Suspensions

Tickets issued by Volunteer Golf Rangers for violations will be in accordance with golf rules and regulations. Offenses are divided into two categories depending upon severity. A golfer may protest a fine to that golf courses’ Green Committee, however, once fined, the golfer must pay the fine before they will be allowed to play golf on any RCSC golf courses regardless of the status of a dispute.  If a golfer wishes to protest the decision of the Green Committee, they may make an appeal to the Golf Advisory Committee, whose decision shall be final. Golfers who are automatically suspended shall not have recourse for their automatic suspension. Golfers who are scheduled for a suspension hearing shall not be allowed to play golf on RCSC golf courses until the hearing has been completed and any and all suspension time has been completed. Suspension hearings shall be conducted by the Golf Advisory Committee.

If a golfer refuses to reveal his/her identity to a volunteer Golf Ranger, the Golf Ranger shall attempt to obtain his/her identity from the group. If the group refuses to reveal his/her identity, the Golf Ranger shall record the golf group’s location and time and shall obtain from the tee sheet their identity, fining and automatically suspending all players in the group. Automatic suspension for refusing to reveal an offender’s identity is thirty (30) days.

  1. Category I Offenses

a. Motorized carts driving too close to greens, between bunkers and the putting surface and/or ignoring cart path only rules

b. Driving in, pulling a cart in, or hitting from areas not for play, including but not limited to areas under repair, beautification areas, any designated or marked areas and wet or soft areas

c. Underage cart drivers or golfers (all cart drivers must be 16 years of age)

d. Non-golfers on course during hours of play or pets on golf course at any time – violators may also be prosecuted for trespassing – organized events may allow spectators at the discretion of the Director of Golf

e. Violations of any general, carts or dress golf rules and regulations

2. Category I Fines & Suspensions

a. First offense:    $15 fine per infraction/per person

b. Second offense:   $25 fine per infraction /per person

c. Third offense:   $50 fine per infraction per person and Golf Advisory Committee suspension hearing

3. Category II Offenses:

a. Playing without checking in at pro shop

b. Practicing on course

c. Jeopardizing or interfering with the rights and privileges of others or compromising anyone’s safety

d. Causing damage to RCSC property

e. Abusive language or aggressive action towards golf employees or other golfers

f. Misuse and illegal transfers of golf receipts which are considered a thievery of services

g. Any aggressive or abnormal behavior not conducive to normal golf activities

h. Double dippers – multiple tee time violations

i. Playing without paying

4. Category II Fines & Suspensions:

a. First offense:    $50 fine per infraction/per person

b. Second offense:   $75 fine per infraction /per person

c. Third offense:   $100 fine per infraction per person and Golf Advisory Committee suspension hearing

Continued violations of these or other rules shall result in suspension of playing privileges lasting from two (2) weeks to permanent suspension. No suspension will be made without a hearing by the Golf Advisory Committee. If privileges are suspended or revoked there will be no refund or rebate given for annual golf passes/permits or any other golf fees.

Green Committee

RCSC Green Committees are a subsidiary committee under the Golf Advisory Committee. Each golf course shall have one Green Committee composed of up to 3 male golfers and 3 female golfers.  Green Committee members must be RCSC Members in good standing. They do not have to be members of the Sun City Men’s Golf Association (SCMGA) or the Sun City Women’s Golf Association (SCWGA). Notice of vacancies and sign-up sheets to serve on a Green Committee will be posted at the pro shops sixty (60) days before election date. Each Green Committee will have a maximum of six members.  The term of each member will be a maximum of two (2) three-year terms. If there are more than three male or three female candidates for a Green Committee then an election must be held and conducted by the SCMGA or the SCWGA respectively.  Ballots will be collected at the pro shop.

Each Green Committee may select two members, one male golfer and one female golfer, to represent the golf course on the Golf Advisory Committee, a standing committee to the RCSC Board of Directors.  The selected representatives of each Green Committee will attend Golf Advisory Committee meetings and will have a vote on matters presented to the Golf Advisory Committee.

The Green Committees will meet once a month at their courses on a date convenient for its members and the course superintendent. Green Committee members will listen to golfers’ complaints and concerns in order to provide input for improving all aspects of the golf program.  Requests for changes and improvements to the golf courses will be presented to the Golf Advisory Committee.  The Director of Golf will investigate the feasibility of course changes and improvements.  Discussion of the proposals will then be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

In addition to each selected Green Committee member having a vote on the Golf Advisory Committee, the Presidents of the Sun City Men’s Golf Association (“SCMGA”), Sun City Women’s Golf Association (“SCWGA”) and the Sun City Women’s Nine Hole Association will also have a vote.

Independent Golf Teaching Professionals

  1. There will be a maximum of four independent golf teaching professionals at the RCSC golf courses. The Director of Golf will determine the qualifications of these professionals.
  2. Each teaching professional will be an independent contractor and will make his/her own appointments and handle his/her own money.
  3. Playing lessons will be scheduled with the starter at the course to be played.
  4. Independent teaching professionals will conduct, as a group, free golf clinics twice a year to promote golf at RCSC golf courses. These will be held each Saturday for one month in the spring and fall.
  5. Teaching professionals will submit current proof of professional liability insurance to the Director of Golf on an annual basis. Each teaching professional will instruct their insurance company to furnish a copy of the notice of cancellation to the Director of Golf.

Tee Sheet Management

The default tee sheet for 18 hole regulation courses (Ladies Day and Men’s Day excluded) will be double-tee, also referred to as crossover.  The Director of Golf shall have the discretion to implement a straight sheet (Ladies Day and Men’s Day excluded), following a defined schedule.  Tee sheets set up to accommodate shotgun starts will not count for the purpose of defining the straight sheet percentage. The Director of Golf shall, at his/her discretion, remove straight sheet starts, if so doing is to the benefit of RCSC and its cardholders.

Small Group Bookings

Only approved golf groups will be allowed to prebook RCSC golf facilities ahead of the draw. The following criteria for approval will be used:

  1. Requests will be accepted according to a schedule determined by the Director of Golf.
  2. Requests must be accompanied by the number of participants, desired golf course(s) and desired tee times.
  3. Small Group Bookings must pay a booking fee per player and play date to block tee times. This fee will be paid at the time of the booking request.
  4. The minimum number of players participating in a small group event must be thirty (30). Requests for small groups of fewer than thirty (30) players will be rejected.
  5. No requests will be accepted for Tuesday (Ladies Day) or Wednesday (Men’s Day) or on other days that interfere with other scheduled events.
  6. Small Group Bookings are not considered tournament play.
  7. Approved Small Group Bookings must provide a list of pairings including RCSC Cardholder numbers and Guest Names to the appropriate pro shop six (6) days prior to each scheduled play Failure to provide this list may cause cancellation of the play date.

Golf Tournament & Event Criteria

Only approved tournaments will be allowed at RCSC golf facilities. The following criteria for approval will be used:

  1. Sponsorship by RCSC Chartered Club.
  2. Sponsorship by an organization wherein the majority of membership is constituted by RCSC Cardholders.
  3. Tournaments sponsored by non-resident groups may be approved providing one regulation course is available for non-tournament play on each side of Grand Ave. Non-RCSC Cardholder tournaments must be approved by the Director of Golf. All applicable tournament requests will be coordinated by the Pro Shop Manager or Director of Golf and submitted to the Director of Golf. Any group which disagrees with the decision of the Director of Golf may elevate the request to the Golf Advisory Committee for further consideration.
  4. The minimum number of players required to block tee times is sixteen (16). Tournaments, outings or events having less than that minimum will not be considered.
  5. Shotgun starts must have a sufficient number of players to have two groups per hole on par fours and par fives, and one group on each par three. If a group does not have a sufficient number of players to fulfill the requirements listed above, the group will be considered a reverse shotgun.  The Director of Golf, at his/her discretion, may waive this requirement, if so doing is to the benefit of RCSC and its cardholders.  The SCMGA Annual Championship is allowed a reverse shotgun start regardless of number players.  The maximum number of players for a shotgun start is 180.  A request for a reverse shotgun must be made to the Director of Golf.  All  tee times (either shotgun or blocked) will incur a booking and a sweeps fee per participant.  This is in addition to any other fees charged for the tournament. Fees collected will be entered into golf revenue.
  6. Starting times and formatting of tee times for approved group bookings will be controlled by the Pro Shop Manager or Director of Golf.
  7. Approved tournaments must provide a list of names/pairings for the tournament to the appropriate pro shop six (6) days prior to the event. Failure to provide this listing may cause cancellation of the tournament/event.
  8. No golf tournament may be scheduled on Tuesdays (Ladies’ Day) or Wednesdays (Men’s Day), without the consent of the SCWGA or SCMGA clubs respectfully. Golf tournaments on other days will be scheduled to provide at least one regulation golf course open to regular play both north and south of Grand Avenue. Non-resident tournament groups are prevented from booking more than two events per month and consecutive weeks for the same day of the week. Non-resident tournament play is also prevented from booking during the overseed process or any other time four or more of our courses are closed or have golf cart restrictions.  Non-resident golf events will be limited to booking no more than 10 months in advance of requested play date.
  9. All morning shotguns will start no later than one-half hour after the day’s first tee time unless otherwise approved by the Director of Golf. A reverse shotgun starting time will be no later than one hour after the day’s first tee time unless otherwise approved by the Director of Golf.  All afternoon shotguns will start no earlier than 12:00pm unless otherwise approved by the Director of Golf.
  10. Shotgun events will be scheduled for 4 ½ hours (4-somes) and 5 hours (5-somes).
  11. No shotguns may be scheduled for November 15 through March 1 unless otherwise approved by the Director of Golf. The following events are exempt from this provision:  Sun City AZ Mixers, SCWGA semi-annual membership meeting tournaments, Guys & Dolls, Member-Guest, SCMGA and SCWGA.
  12. SCMGA/SCWGA shall provide the Pro Shop Manager or Director of Golf a written schedule of events (other than Tuesday/Wednesday events) no later than September 30 for the following year. This schedule shall include the date, format and course requested for the event.

Any RCSC club or organization collecting dues or fees that are passed through to an outside national, state or local organization shall advise the individual member or participant of this in writing.

Tournaments that are exempt from the booking fee are:

  1. SCMGA Annual Events – held January through December (22 events)
  2. SCWGA Annual Events – held January through December (25 events)
  3. Team play – November through March
  4. SCWGA – Shotgun Membership meetings
  5. SCWGA – Better Ball Tournament – First Saturday in December, March 9:00am Shotgun
  6. Quail Run 9-Hole Invitational
  7. Quail Run Women’s Octogenarian – 8:30am Shotgun
  8. Annual Sun Cities Classic (Sun City vs. Sun City West)
  9. Sun City AZ Mixers

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution shall be posted on the RCSC website for Members and shall be made available to Members upon request at no cost.

Adopted and signed this 29th day of September, 2022 at a duly called Board meeting by a majority (5) of the Recreation Centers of Sun City, Inc. Board of Directors.