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Aerobics Club

Aerobics classes are held in the Bell Social Halls at 8, 9, and 10am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday year-round. Each 40 minute class is a bit different with the earliest being the most vigorous. Low-impact stretching and bending movements enhance flexibility, endurance and strength. Work is done standing, on a mat and using a pole. Each exercise can be modified to an individual’s own fitness and comfort level.  Attend three classes prior to being required to join the Club. Annual Club membership is $5 with valid RCSC card. There is a social gathering and membership meeting in December. Come join a most friendly and fun group.

Category: Fitness

Location: Bell Social Hall

Club Contacts:

  • 623-826-2323 Karen
  • 602-578-1067 Judy

Meeting Times: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday:  8am, 9am & 10am