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Dance for Fitness Club

Dance for Fitness Club

Now is the perfect time to join a wonderful fitness exercise program. Dance For Fitness Club is a coeducational program where both men and women get the same benefits. Our stretching and light aerobic exercises are fun and fitness combined. No partners needed and there is no floor work. We dress casually with tennis shoes. Liven up your step with some classy music. Move at your own pace. Don’t worry about knowing the dances we just keep moving.

With a current RCSC Membership you may enjoy three free sessions with us. Can’t beat that deal, and then you may join for only a $5.00 annual fee. Come once, come twice, or come three times a week (whatever fits into your schedule). We have no per lesson fee.

Classes meet three times each week –  Tuesday at Bell Center, Wednesday at Sundial Center, and Friday at Mountain View Center. All classes are from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. We are occasionally moved to different locations due to other RCSC activities. Please check with our contacts to confirm location for a specific date/date so that you can find us.

Category: Fitness

Location: Bell and Sundial Recreation Centers

Club Contacts:

Club Fees:  $5.00 annual fee

Club Schedule:

  • Tuesdays: 9-10:00am – Bell Social Hall #1
  • Wednesdays: 9-10:00am – Sundial Auditorium
  • Fridays: 9-10:00am – Sundial West Hall