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Women’s March 2018 Bus to Phoenix

The Sun City Democratic Club is a political club chartered by the RCSC. We meet every first Thursday at 6:00 pm at Fairway Recreation Center.  We also meet every Monday at 9:00am at Starbucks located at Del Webb Blvd. and Bell Road. We provide educational programs to educate our members on topics relevant to our population, community, state, and nation.  We support candidates who exemplify our values, by registering people to vote, signing petitions, canvassing, holding house parties, getting out the vote, and phone banking. As individuals we support organizations such as the Valley View Food Bank, groups such as Planned Parenthood, and to individual candidates.  All RCSC Cardholders and their guests are invited.

Arizona Democrats work to elect public servants who will build stronger communities based upon these above beliefs and values.

Category: Political

Location: Fairway Center

Club Contact: President Cathy Koukalpresident@suncitydems.com

Club Phone: 602-529-5778

Email: info@suncitydems.com

Website: http://suncitydems.com/

Meeting Times:  We meet on the first Thursday every month (all year) from 6:00-9:00pm at the Fairway Recreation Center. Refreshments are served.

What it means to be a Democrat?

Democrats are people who come from many ethnic, social, and economic groups. What unites us (loosely) is a set beliefs and values about governance.  All forms of governments have flaws.  Because our US Constitution provides for a democratic form of government, as Democrats, we accept responsibility for how we are governed and who is doing the governing.  Instead of identifying government as the problem, we work together to create and sustain the following:

1.        The right of all citizens to vote without hinderance

2.        Equal opportunity for all citizens

3.        Rewarding honest, hard work with a living wage and a fair tax system

4.        Family values that are more than a political slogan

5.        Quality education that allows all to reach their potential

6.        Freedom from government interference in our private lives and personal decisions

7.        A diverse populace and society that benefits from that diversity

8.        Security in our homes and safety on our streets

9.        Separation of church and state

10.      A strong United States: Strong morally, economically, and militarily

11.      Laws and common sense reforms that protect our air, water, and food

12.      Affordable health care for all

Resource: AZ Blue 2020 PC Survival Guide

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